8.0369 News from the IPPE (1/79)

Wed, 8 Mar 1995 23:29:45 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0369. Wednesday, 8 Mar 1995.

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 95 20:10:03 +0900
From: phil-preprints-admin@phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp
Subject: News from the IPPE (08 Mar 95)

News from the IPPE -- 7 Mar 95

World Wide Web access redesigned
-------------------------------- In support of the mission of the
International Philosophical Preprint Exchange to facilitate the exchange
of working papers between philosophers world-wide, Carolyn Burke of the
IPPE has recently redesigned our World Wide Web access, making it much
easier to use, and enabling philosophers to locate papers of interest to
them in the IPPE's collection with greater ease than ever before.

The IPPE's World Wide Web service supplements the previous methods of
access via Gopher, ftp, and automated email (see the end of this
newsletter for details on all these access methods).

The IPPE's WWW service is available by opening the URL
http://phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp/IPPE.html using Netscape, Mosaic,
Lynx, or any other WWW browser (we recommend Netscape).

Status Report
------------- The IPPE continues to enjoy a rate of access of
over 100 users per day at our main site in Japan. Additional
accesses to the many North American and European sites mirroring the
IPPE collection probably greatly exceed this number, but are difficult
to quantify.

In addition, the rate of submissions to the IPPE has climbed steeply in
recent weeks. We are delighted by this trend, and encourage all
philosophers to submit their manuscripts to the IPPE in order to benefit
from the commentary of their peers.

Call for Volunteers
------------------- The IPPE seeks motivated and enthuiastic volunteers
to assist in the areas of administration, publicity, and technical
support. We especially seek persons able to carry out some or all of
the following tasks:
- liason with the IPPE's international user population of professional
philosophers, graduate students, the editorial staffs of
philosophical journals, and the staffs of other on-line projects
in the humanities and social sciences
- editorial work on the newsletter and publicity materials
- administrative activities (regarding funding, etc.)
- computer support work: UNIX and CGI scripting and related activities.

The IPPE Staff
Coordinators: Dr. Syun Tutiya (Chiba University) and Dr. Richard Reiner
(visiting in '95 at the Center for Philosophy of Science,
University of Pittsburgh).
Adminstrator: Carolyn L Burke (CMU).
Board members: Dr. George Gale (University of Missouri, Kansas City), Andrew
Burday (McGill University), Istvan Berkeley (University of
Alberta), Stephen Rice (York University).

Accessing the IPPE
To access the IPPE, proceed as follows:

By www: Open the URL http://phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp/IPPE.html
By gopher: Use Gopher to go to either apa.oxy.edu or kasey.umkc.edu
By ftp: ftp to either Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp, or
By email: Mail to phil-preprints-service@Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp

To place a paper or comment on the IPPE: see pub/submissions/README.
If you have questions: send mail to Carolyn Burke at the address