8.0389 CHORUS: WWW Resource for Humanities Computing (1/76)

Mon, 13 Mar 1995 19:15:06 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0389. Monday, 13 Mar 1995.

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 19:05:21 -0500
From: chorus@peinet.pe.ca (Todd J. B. Blayone)
Subject: Announcing Chorus


Introducing CHORUS

A WWW Resource for Academic and Educational
Computing in the Arts/Humanities

Sponsored by PEINet, Canada


CHORUS is a WWW resource for academic and educational
computing in the arts/humanities. It is aimed primarily
at academics, educators, information professionals,
and students (in higher education). A home-computing and
Internet-tools section, however, will appeal to a broader
audience with a less formal interest in using computers to
teach, learn or acquire humanities-related information.

CHORUS is a highly collaborative venture which brings together
an international team of academics and professionals.

CHORUS is NOT a "packaged" electronic serial. Rather, it is an
evolving hypermedia resource continually shaped by a team of
editors and writers/reviewers into an ever more complex web of



* Essays (from a variety of humanistic perspectives)
introducing computer-related and/or network-accessible tools
and resources, or discussing the impact of IT on research and

* Single and comparative (humanities-oriented) reviews of PC
and Macintosh software of special interest to academics and
educators in the humanities

* Links to humanities-related resources around the Net and a
form-based search facility.

* An Internet-tools section providing links and reviews of
various shareware and commercial packages for PC and
Macintosh computers

* A home-computing section presenting thoughtful reviews of
popular educational/entertainment software with a
humanities-oriented content (note: under construction)


CHORUS can be fully accessed by anyone with a dedicated or
SLIP/PPP connection to the Internet, and a Web browser.
For more information about Internet connections and the
World Wide Web, please contact your local computer-support

Please note that we are currently expanding our team of editors
and reviewers. Please contact Todd Blayone (Project Coordinator,
McGill University) at chorus@peinet.pe.ca for more information.

Todd J. B. Blayone
McGill University
Project Coordinator, Chorus