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Wed, 15 Mar 1995 22:30:34 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0393. Wednesday, 15 Mar 1995.

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 19:59:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Bulley Alan David <bulleya@ERE.UMontreal.CA>
Subject: Humanities Canada Project

* What is the Humanities Canada Project?

The Canadian Federation for the Humanities (CFH) invites you to
visit and explore an ambitious project that will be of real
benefit to the entire humanities community in Canada. The bilingual
project, entitled Humanites Canada / Humanities Canada (HC), is
designed as an electronic information service that will perform
several important functions for Canadian humanists. First among these
functions will be the creation of a window on humanities resources
available on the "Information Highway." Scholars in the humanities have
begun to reap some of the benefits of the emerging "Highway," but it is
still a common complaint that materials pertinent to humanities
studies are difficult to locate and access. Humanities Canada
will make a significant contribution at just this point by making
possible simple and rapid connections to the resources of major
libraries, government departments, on-line text archives,
electronic journals, archives of digitised art and sound,
academic job announcements, and many other services.

* The Role of CFH Member Societies

CFH member societies have the opportunity not only to exploit the
resources already available on the world-wide computer networks,
but also to make distinct contributions in their areas of
interest and specialisation. Space is being reserved on the
project servers for each member society to "publish" materials
of use to its members and to others working in the same
discipline. One society, the Canadian Association for Translation
Studies (Association canadienne de traductologie), has already
taken advantage of the Humanities Canada project to make
available information regarding their goals, information on
membership in CATS, a directory of the CATS executive and contact
people, a call for papers for their Annual Congress at the 1995
Learneds at the UQAM, invitations to participate in two special
seminars to be held at the Montreal Learneds, and a detailed
description of the society's journal (_TTR_) including the Tables
of Contents of previous issues. Another society, the Canadian
Association of Classicists, is using the project facilities to
publish on-line their electronic newsletter and to archive its

The Humanities Canada project will also be an ideal place to
disseminate discussion documents and position papers related to
annual meetings, to archive documents related to the society or
its field of interest, to "publish" academic writing, to display
art, and to seek out potential members from a world-wide

* How Does One Connect to Humanities Canada?

Humanities Canada is presently under construction and exists
in both "gopher" and World-Wide Web (WWW) formats:


Contributions to HC are made available at both sites to ensure
maximum access to the project's contents and offerings. In
addition to the two server sites, an e-mail discussion list
(HUMCAN-L) is also being launched in order to provide a forum
where one can ask questions related to HC and about how to
contribute to it. It will also be the perfect place to post
announcements and comments related not only to the HC project,
but also to questions touching on information technology and
the humanities in the Canadian context.

To subscribe to HUMCAN-L, send e-mail to LISTPROC@CC.UMONTREAL.CA
with the following line in the letter body (not in the subject

Subscribe HumCan-L <first name> <last name>

You will receive a confirmation of your subscription and a
welcome message explaining all you need to know to interact with
the list and post your messages and questions.

* Anything Else?

Further information related to the Humanities Canada project is
available from the project co-managers who may be reached at the
following e-mail addresses:

Christian Allegre allegre@ere.umontreal.ca
Alan D. Bulley bulleya@ere.umontreal.ca

The Executive of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities may
be reached at the following e-mail address:


Humanites Canada / Humanities Canada (HC) is the Electronic
Information Service of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities

Alan D. Bulley

Co-Manager, Co-gestionnaire,
Electronic Information Service Service d'Information electronique
of the Canadian Federation de la Federation canadienne
for the Humanities (CFH) des Etudes humaines (FCEH)

via Gopher -- gopher://gopher.fceh-cfh.umontreal.ca:7071
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