8.0412 TLG Looking for Licensees (1/54)

Wed, 22 Mar 1995 23:15:40 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0412. Wednesday, 22 Mar 1995.

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 07:51:53 -0800
From: tbrunner@uci.edu (Theodore F. Brunner)
Subject: Request for information

The following persons hold TLG licenses, but have moved without any
forwarding address. We list the name and the last known address. If anyone
has a more recent address, the project would much appreciate the

1. Pantelis Basakos
Panteion University
15 Kefallinias St
11361 Athens GREECE
Letters to the University proper are returned
as undeliverable at this address (!)

2. Ross GR Caldwell
#3-198A Main Street So.
Newmarket Ontario L3Y 3Z2 Canada
Also received no reply from letter sent to
Classics & Religious Studies, York University,
Toronto-Downsville, Ontario

3. Ulrike Hirsch
Thieshof 14
Hannover 51
D-3000 Germany
No known institutional affiliation

4. Alfredo Morselli
Pontifico Collegio Russicum
via C. Cattaneo 21A
Rome I-00185 Italy
Letter to the Pont. Coll. Russ.
secretariat received no reply

5. Sheryl L. Ross
1221 Westwood St.
Redwood City Ca 94061
No known institutional affiliation

6. Monika Schnoerrer
Fritz Schwerdtfeger-Weg 6
D-3000 Hannover 51 Germany
No known institutional affiliation

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