8.0464 Workshop on Parsing Technologies (1/226)

Thu, 13 Apr 1995 01:09:48 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0464. Thursday, 13 Apr 1995.

Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 17:49:21 +0200
From: Harry.Bunt@kub.nl (Harry C. Bunt, ITK)
Subject: IWPT'95

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| IWPT'95: |
| |
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| 20 - 23 September 1995 |
| Prague/Karlovy Vary |
| Czech Republic |
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| ********* |
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| Sponsored by ACL/SIGPARSE |
| Association for Computational Linguistics, |
| Special Interest Group on Parsing |
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| and second call for abstracts |
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The Fourth International Workshop on Parsing Technologies IWPT'95,
taking place this year on September 20 through 23 in the Czech
Republic in the heart of Europe, will continue the tradition
established by IWPT'89 (Pittsburgh/Hidden Valley) and IWPT'93
(Tilburg/Durbuy) of taking place partly on the premises of a
university and partly in a secluded conference resort.

The first part of IWPT'95 will take place in Prague, the capital
of the Czech Republic, the "hundred towered" or "golden" city on
the Vltava river (Moldau). The site of the conference will be the
historical building of Charles University (founded in 1348 as the
oldest University North of the Alps and East of Paris) in the heart
of the Old Town. The second part of the conference will be located
in the most fashionable "fin de siecle" hotel in Karlovy Vary
(also known as Carlsbad), a pleasant Czech spa about 130 km to the
North of Prague, famous for its hot water springs, original crystal
glass and procelain, and a special herb liquer called Becherovka.


A standard package is offered including accommodation in
Prague in hotel Krystal, 30 minutes from the centre of the
Old Town (3 nights) and in Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary
(2 nights), breakfasts and lunches for 4 days, a dinner and
the conference banquet in Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary.
This arrangement costs USD 310 USD for single occupancy and
USD 230 for shared occupancy of hotel rooms.

We can also arrange for accommodation in Prague in a more
centrally located hotel, but the additional cost would be at
least 80-100 USD per night (for a single occupancy) -
Prague is a touristic centre and September is still high
season. Hotel Krystal is a quite resonable hotel and city
transportation is comfortable, clean and fast (the centre of
the city can be reached from the hotel by tram and subway).


Arrivals and departures: arrival date at Prague Tuesday,
September 20, 1995, conference programme in Prague September
21-22, departure for Karlovy Vary September 22 late
afternoon, conference programme in Karlovy Vary September
23-24, departure for Prague September 24 after lunch.
Departure from Prague Sunday September 25.

The Conference fee of USD 130 includes a copy of the proceedings
and bus transportation from Prague to Karlovy Vary and back.


Participants should send the registration form appended at the
end of this message before APRIL 30 1995 to the following address
(preferably by e-mail):

c/o Mrs L. Brdickova

Malostranske n. 25
11800 Praha 1
Czech Republic

e-mail: brdickov@ufal.mff.cuni.cz

fax: ++42-2-532742
phone: ++42-2-2451 0286

Payment by bank transfer should be made before JUNE 30, 1995
to the following bank acount:

Account No. 38330-021/0100, var. symbol 844 (important!)
Bank: Komercni banka
pobocka Praha-Mesto
Vaclavske nam. 42
11000 Praha 1
Czech Republic

The account is on the name of Matematicko-fyzikalni fakulta
Karlovy university (address of the account holder: Ke Karlovu
3, Praha 2).

All payments should be made net of bank charges.

After this deadline of June 30, a supplement of USD 50 will be
charged. Payment by credit card can, at present, not be accepted.

To complete your registration and confirm your room
requirements an advance payment of the registration fee and
the hotel package is required. PLEASE SEND THE BANK TRANSFER


Submissions are invited from all areas of parsing technology.
These areas include, but not limited to, theoretical and
practical studies of parsing algorithms for natural language
sentences, texts, fragments, dialogues, ill-formed sentences,
and speech, as well as multidimensional (pictorial) language,
and parsing issues arising or viewed in a multimodal context.

Authors who intend to submit a paper are invited to submit an
abstract of approximately 300 words. Authors will be then notified
how to submit a full paper, which will be reviewed by the program
committee for acceptance.

Time schedule:

April 21, 1995: Abstract Due
May 26, 1995: Full Paper Due
June 26, 1995: Notification of Acceptance
August 14, 1995: Final Manuscript Due

Submission: abstracts should be submitted via email to:
Harry.Bunt@kub.nl either in plain ascii format, in standard
LaTeX, or in Postscript. Authors having any difficulty with
electronic submission are advised to contact the general chair
by phone: +31 13 66 30 60 or by fax: +31 13 66 25 37 (Tilburg
University, The Netherlands), if not by email.

General Chair: Harry Bunt
Workshop Chair: Eva Hajicova

Program Committee: Bernard Lang (chair) Makoto Nagao
Robert Berwick Anton Nijholt
Harry Bunt Yves Schabes
Bob Carpenter Mark Steedman
Ken Church Henry Thompson
Eva Hajicova Masaru Tomita
Arvind Joshi K. Vijay-Shanker
Ronald Kaplan Yorick Wilks
Martin Kay Kent Wittenburg




Name (family name):
First name:


Mailing address:


I intend to submit a paper: yes no

I want the accomodation package with single occupancy (310 USD) -
double double occupancy (230 USD) -
(please mark the required package by X)




Participants should please send this registration form before APRIL 30
by email to brdickov@ufal.mff.cuni.cz, or else by fax or ordinary mail to:

c/o Mrs L. Brdickova

Malostranske n. 25
11800 Praha 1
Czech Republic

fax: ++42-2-532742

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