8.0472 Ad: Library Master 3.0 (1/131)

Fri, 21 Apr 1995 22:58:16 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0472. Friday, 21 Apr 1995.

Date: Sat, 15 Apr 1995 20:04:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: Harry Hahne <hahne@epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: Library Master 3.0

LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 is here!
Simplify your writing with automatic bibliographies and footnotes,
duplicate detection, global search and replace and much more!

LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 is a powerful, flexible and easy to use bibliographic and
textual database manager. It automatically produces bibliographies, footnotes
and citations for your paper, thesis or book. Organize research notes and
project records. Manage catalogs of books, periodicals and audio-visuals.

LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 now provides automatic footnote and citation formatting,
duplicate record detection, global search and replace, advanced sorting,
abbreviation tables and importing from dozens of new sources. Over 100
new features will save you days on your next writing project.

Create Bibliographic Footnotes and Citations Effortlessly

LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 automatically formats the footnotes or in-text citations
in your book, thesis or article. It reads your document and creates a final
bibliography of the works you actually cite. LIBRARY MASTER can format
documents for most Windows and DOS word processors, including WordPerfect,
Ami Pro, Microsoft Word, Nota Bene, WordStar, XYWrite and PC Write.

For footnote users, LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 will save you hours on every paper
you write. Never again worry about the differences between citation styles
for footnotes and bibliographies. LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 formats the first and
succeeding references to a work differently and even uses "ibid." if your
style manual requires it.

Save Data Entry Time and Hassle

LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 makes it easier to maintain the information in your

* Global Search and Replace quickly changes the contents of a group
of records.

* Copy an entire record as a model for another record. It is easy to
enter several articles in an anthology or several books in a series.

* Abbreviations are automatically converted into full entries. Simply
type "JACS" and "Journal of the American Chemical Society" is entered
in the periodical field for you!

* Find duplicate records in your database. Combine abstracts and
subjects from several records. You can specify the combination of
fields that qualify as duplicate records.

* Press a single key to copy a citation to the Windows clipboard. Paste it
into your document with your word processor.

* Easy-to-use named macros simplify repetitious tasks. Dozens of
predefined macros save you time. A macro editor makes it easy to
modify and debug the most complex macros.

* New Record Types let you catalog proceedings, patents, maps and
musical scores.

* Mark a group of records while browsing to create a bibliography on
the fly.

Create Accurate and Flexible Bibliographies

Version 3.0 expands the powerful report creation flexibility of LIBRARY
MASTER even further:

* Create bibliographies in dozens of styles, including new styles such
as American Antiquity, American Institute of Physics, IEEE, Journal of
Marketing, Nature, Science and Society of Biblical Literature.

* Report use abbreviation tables to automatically change field entries
to standard abbreviations. Define your own abbreviations or use
thousands of predefined journal abbreviations. Use abbreviations on
any fields you choose: journal, author role, publisher and more.

* Bibliographies are properly formatted down to the fine details: Add
a letter to the year (1994a) for citations with the same author and
date. Abbreviate or use the full author role: "ed." or "editor".
Page numbering is converted to the proper form.

* Sort reports more accurately: Use up to 5 sort fields. Sort anonymous
works properly. Sort on Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal call

* Group books, journal articles, patents and other materials in separate
separate sections of your bibliography.

Import from Dozens of New Sources

LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 makes importing even more versatile and accurate:

* Importing is integrated into the main LIBRARY MASTER program. Easily
browse and edit new records as soon as they are imported.

* Import filters are provided for dozens of new CD-ROMs, online services
and online library catalogs. Import from nearly 100 sources at no
extra cost!

* Automatically move subfields to the appropriate LIBRARY MASTER fields
with supplied macros. For example, move the journal, volume, issue,
date and pages from the SO field in DIALOG into separate fields.

LIBRARY MASTER 3.0 runs on any IBM PC-compatible computer with 512K memory.
Microsoft Windows compatible. The network version runs on most networks,
including Novell Netware, Lantastic and Windows NT Advanced Server.

Introductory Discounts on LIBRARY MASTER 3.0

For a limited time you can purchase the single-user version of LIBRARY
MASTER 3.0 for only $149.95 U.S. ($199.95 Cnd). Students can purchase
a copy for personal use for only $124.95 ($174.95 Cnd), with proof of
student status. You can purchase the 5-user network version for only
$524.95 U.S. ($734.95 Cnd). This special offer ends May 31, 1995.

For a more detailed information or a free demonstration version of
LIBRARY MASTER 3.0, send email to hahne@epas.utoronto.ca or contact:

Balboa Software
5845 Yonge St., P.O. Box 69539
Willowdale, Ont. M2M 4K3 Canada

ORDERS: 800-SOFT-LIB (800-763-8542)
SUPPORT: 416-730-8980
FAX: 416-730-9715
EMAIL: hahne@epas.utoronto.ca
LISTSERV: libmastr@acadvm1.uottawa.ca
FTP: uwovax.uwo.ca in the directory \LIBSOFT\LIB_MASTER