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Wed, 3 May 1995 13:53:46 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 8, No. 0480. Wednesday, 3 May 1995.

Date: Mon, 1 May 95 14:55:03 PDT
From: emls@arts.ubc.ca (R. G. Siemens, Editor, EMLS)
Subject: EMLS 1.1 Now Available!

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May 1, 1995.
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EMLS 1.1 Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Early Modern Literary
Studies: A Journal of Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century English
Literature, Volume 1, Number 1 (April 1995).

The journal is available now on the WWW via our home page, at


On May 5, an ASCII text version of EMLS will be made available to
our electronic mail subscribers and those readers using GOPHER.
EMLS 1.1 will be available via GOPHER at

edziza.arts.ubc.ca /english/EMLS

To subscribe to the version of EMLS that is distributed through
electronic mail, please send a message including your name,
affiliation, and electronic mail address to


Contents of EMLS Volume 1, Number 1 (April 1995):

- Frontmatter:
- Publishing Information, Journal Availability, EMLS
Contact Addresses
- Editorial Group
- Submission Information
- Citing Materials Appearing in EMLS

- Foreword:
- Early Modern Literary Studies: An Editor's Prefatory
Statement. [1].
Raymond G. Siemens, University of British Columbia.

- Articles:
- Skelton and Barclay, Medieval and Modern. [2].
David R. Carlson, University of Ottawa.

- King Lear in its Own Time: The Difference that Death
Makes. [3].
Ben Ross Schneider, Jr. Lawrence University.

- "This innocent worke": Adam and Eve, John Smith,
William Wood and the North American Plantations. [4].
Graham Roebuck, McMaster University.

- Milton and the Jacobean Church of England. [5].
Daniel W. Doerksen, University of New Brunswick.

- Reviews:
- Christopher Marlowe. The Complete Works of Christopher
Marlowe (Vol. 3): Edward II. Ed. Richard Rowland.
Oxford: Oxford UP, 1994. [6].
Robert Lindsey, Oriel College, Oxford.

- John Gillies. Shakespeare and the Geography of
Difference. Cambridge Studies in Renaissance Literature
and Culture 4. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1994. [7].
Patricia Badir, University of British Columbia.

- Nigel Smith. Literature and Revolution in England,
1640-1660. New Haven and London: Yale UP, 1994. [8].
Christopher Orchard, Lynchburg College, VA.

- Alison Findlay. Illegitimate Power: Bastards in
Renaissance Drama. Manchester: Manchester UP, 1994.
Sonia Nolten, Oriel College, Oxford.

- Harold Love. Scribal Publication in
Seventeenth-Century England. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1993.
Margaret Downs-Gamble, Virginia Tech, VA.

- World Wide Web Resources for Early Modern Studies,
1500-1700: A Survey of Select Textual Resources. [11].
Perry Willett, Indiana University.

- Reviewing Information and Books Received for Review

- Professional Note:
- A Textbase of Early Tudor English. [12].
Greg Waite (Editor in Chief), University of Otago.


Early Modern Literary Studies is a refereed journal in electronic
form which serves both as a formal arena for scholarly discussion
and as an academic resource for researchers in the area. Articles
in <cite>EMLS</cite> examine English literature, literary
culture, and language during the sixteenth and seventeenth
centuries from a variety of perspectives; well-considered
responses to published papers are also published as part of a
Readers' Forum. Reviews in EMLS evaluate recent work in the area
as well as academic tools of interest to scholars in the field.
Our Internet site also gathers and maintain links to useful
on-line resources.

EMLS (ISSN 1201-2459) is published three times a year for the
on-line academic community by the University of British
Columbia's English Department, with the support of the
University's Library and Arts Computing Centre.

Raymond G. Siemens <EMLS@arts.ubc.ca>
Editor, Early Modern Literary Studies,
Department of English, University of British Columbia,
#397 - 1873 East Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6T 1Z1.