9.0007 More Webs: Union List of W.European news (1/33)

Sun, 7 May 1995 14:21:03 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 0007. Sunday, 7 May 1995.

Date: 4 May 95 15:09:34 EST
From: "Kurt De Belder" <DEBELDER@elmer1.bobst.nyu.edu>
Subject: Union list of West European newspapers & news magazines

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The Union list of selected West European newspapers and news
magazines in New York metropolitan libraries has been made available
on the WWW.

The creation of the Union list was part of a cooperative
collection development project among the four research libraries of
the region (Columbia University, New York Public Library (Research),
New York University, Rutgers University) in a joint effort to fill
gaps in their Western European newspaper collection. The Union list
provides information about 91 current newspaper and news magazine
titles at 35 New York metropolitan libraries.

The union list was created by a METRO [New York Metropolitan
Reference and Research Library Agency] Task Force and will
hopefully improve access to the joint collections and allow for
correct referrals.

The Union List can be reached at the following URL:


We encourage other web sites to point to this resource.

Kurt De Belder
Chair, METRO Task Force on Foreign Newspapers (Western Europe)
Assistant Curator, Western European Literatures & Languages
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
New York University