9.0030 EUROCALL '95 (1/394)

Sun, 21 May 1995 14:57:51 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 0030. Sunday, 21 May 1995.

Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 10:14:34 +0100
From: CTI.Lang@hull.ac.uk (June Thompson)
Subject: EUROCALL 95

EUROCALL 95, 7-9 September, Valencia, Spain
Theme: Focus on Integration

The "official" deadline for registration was 15 May 1995, but at
the time of writing (16 May) there are still some vacancies.

For further information, please contact the organiser without

Dra Ana Gimeno Sanz
Departamento de Idiomas
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Camino de Vera, 14
46022 Valencia, Spain
Tel +34 6 387 75 30 Ext 5300-5301
Fax +34 6 387 75 39
Email: agimeno@idm.upv.es

The following is a provisional list of presenters:-

Keynote Speakers:

Patricia Grounds: Gerente Regional: Proyecto de Auto-Acceso,
SEP (Educacion Superior), Consejo Britanico, MEXICO

Willard McCarty, Centre for Computing in the Humanities,
University of Toronto, CANADA

Charles Jennings, CECOMM, Southampton Institute of Higher
Education, UK

Chris R Emery, CAMILLE Project Co-ordinator, University of
Teesside, UK

Other presenters:

Oliver Bayerlein University of Kaiserslantern Alemania
Word Wizard: Learning vocabulary with a little help from my PC

Cilia Beijk Instituut voor Doven, Dept.R2D/T Holanda
IHT: Improvement of Hearing through Training: a Computer
Program for deaf and hearing impaired people

Stanley A. Bishop c/o HRB Systems Estados Unidos
ESL/EFL-2000: A Model for Government-Industry Initiatives to
Promote Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Francoise Blin School of Applied Languages; Dublin City
University Irlanda
Integrating Call in the Negotiated Leaner-Centred Curriculum

Antonio Borraccino University of Westminster, School of
Languages Reino Unido Corso interactivo Multimediale D'Italia

Paul Brett University of Wolverhampton Reino Unido A
Multimedia application to listening skills and learner"s
evaluations of its use

Gordon J.A. Burgess Department of German, University of
Aberdeen Reino Unido
The use of parallel concordancing for literary and linguistic
text analysis

Claudio Cappellini CNA Italia Project SPAC- LINGUA-
A presentation of language training for textile and shoe

Benedicte Cebrian Napier University, Edinburgh Reino Unido
Creating NEGOWORLD: A dual purpose multimedia interactive
business negotiation package

Michelangelo Conoscenti Centro Linguistico e Audiosivi
Universitario. Universita di Torino Italia
R.E.A.D.(Reading Easily for Adults).

Mary-Louise Craven 530 Scott Library, York University Canada
Providing Scaffolding Strategies for ESL Students on a
Conferencing System

Graham Chesters CTI Modern Languages University of Hull Reino
The Tell Consortium: Strategies for Integration

Graham Davies Thames Valley University Reino Unido
Getting the Best out of Fun with Texts

Jan De Baere Vlaamse Gemeenschapscomissie Education Belgica
The Introduction of CALL in 50 secondary schools in Brussels:
Strategy, implementation and results

Philippe Delcloque Napier University, Edinburgh Reino Unido
A Proposed Methodology for C.A.L.L. in L.S.P.

Marina Dodigovic Hochschule Bremen Alemania
Parsing Language for Special Purposes

Paul Donnelly University of Glasgow Reino Unido
Strategic consideration for implementing and widening CALL in
the academic curriculum

Richard Foley Language Centre, University of Lapland Finlandia
Transit: Practising English Phonemic Transcription

Anna Paola Fraternale I.T.I.S. E. Fermi -Roma; La Sapienza -
Facolta di Economia e Commercio, Sede distaccata Latina Italia
Learner"s Autonomy by Hypertext Use

Marinela Garcia Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Espana
New Technologies as an Interdisciplinary Tool for EEE

Diego Garcia Lucas Vektor Limited Reino Unido
The Setting Up and Operation of Multimedia Self-Access
Language learning facilities

Laura Garcia Vitoria Proyecto Sintagma 3 Francia Dise=96o
Curricular y Nuevas Tecnologias

June Gassin The University of Melbourne Australia
Creating a viable multimedia development environment

John H. Gillespie School of Languages and Literature
University of Ulster at Coleraine Irlanda del Norte
The Text Analysis Program: Moving closer to the Computer-based
Language Classroom

Pedro Gomez Vilda Univ.Politecnica de Madrid, Facultad de
Informatica Espana
A User Interface to integrate Speech Audio-feedback in CALL

Robin Goodfellow Aston University Reino Unido
The Language Leaner and the Computer-What"s Really going on in
there? Interpreted Results from a Vocabulary-Learning Program

Pierrete Grellet I. U. T. B Universie Lyon I Francia
Creating NEGOWORLD: A dual purpose multimedia interactive
business negotiation package

Marie-Josee Hamel UMIST, Dept. of Language & Linguistics Reino
The Conceptual Dictionary in Computer-Assisted Language

Mike Harland University of Glasgow Reino Unido
De Tudo Un Pouco... E Mais Um Pouco: a year piloting
integrated texbook and computer courseware for Portuguese

Bettina Harriehausen-Muhlbaner IBM Germany, Science Center
CoALA- an intelligent system for language acquisition
combining various modern NLP technologies

William Haworth School of Modern Languages, John Moores
University UK
The Internet as a language learning resource

Sue Hewer Institute for Computer Based Learning, Heriot-Watt
University Reino Unido
Integration for the Uninitiated

Sake Jager Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen Holanda
Hologram: a fully interactive environment for grammar teaching
and learning

Kaj Bertel Jansson Kokkola Institute of Technoly Finlandia
Computer Aided Learning in English (CALE)

Tim Johns School of English, University of Birmingham Reino
1) Keytext- A new tool for Data-driven Learning; 2) Parallel
Concordancing: Computing theory and Classroom practice

Kaori Kaboya IBM Japan, Ltd Japon
A Multimedia Courseware for Survival Japanese

Gunhild Kihlberg University of Stockholm Suecia
Point par Point, Point by Point- A computerized aid to
language teaching and evaluation. On learner involvement and
learner responsibility

M. Klijn Wuisman Department of Applied Linguistic. TU Delft
A vocabulary workbench for Language Learners and Teachers

Ton Koet Amsterdam Polytechnic Holanda
Integration of CALL and TELL in the curriculum of the
Department of Languages. Amsterdam Polytechnic

Janos Kohn EECALL Centre, Berzsenyi Daniel College Hungria
The use of parallel concordacing for literary and linguistic
text analysis

Lis Kornum Christianshavns Gymnasium Denmark
Telematics and Didactics - A LINGUA project in action

Liliana Landolfi Dept. of English, Faculty of Modern Languages
I.U.O Italia
Methodological Suggestions for CALL Applications

Peter Leffek Middlesex University Reino Unido
Testing Assesment and Marking with Question Designer. A case

Michael Levy University of Queensland Australia
Integrating Call: The Tutor and The Tool

Maria Dolores Lopez Maestre Departamento de Lengua y Literatura
Inglesa, Univ.de Murcia. Espana
A Dbase IV Application for the Teaching of Syntactic Analysis
to Students of English at University Level

Maria Elena Lopez Torres Centro Andaluz Superior de Estudios
Marinos Espana
Multimedia Program for the Learning of Naval English

Cosetta Mari SINNEA International Italia
Developing distance learning language courses for technical
and commercial staff

Jane McKee School of Languages and Literature University of
Ulster Irlanda del Norte
The Text Analysis Program: Moving closer to the Computer-based
Language Classroom

Mafalda Mendes Faculdade de Ciencias Universidade de Lisbo
O Meu Diccionario Interactivo - A Multimedia Picture
Dictionary of Portuguese-

Esther Menor Campos Facultad de Ciencias Empresariales,
Apartado 439 Espana
An Example of an Integrated Skills Session with Combined Media
for Large Classes

Raffaela Merlini Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per
Interpreti e Traduttori; University of Trieste Italia & the TELL
Consortium, University of Hull
InterprIt - Practising translation skills

Metaxaki-Kossionides Department of Informatics, University of
Athens Grecia
Propositions for a Curriculum of Foreign Languages Teaching in
Secondary Education

Terry Miles London School of English and Foreign Languages
Reino Unidoa
Yo soy yo y mis circunstancias

Jim Milton University of Wales. Swansea Reino Unido
Design and Technical issues in the production of a multimedia
training course: the case of Autohall.

Richard Millwood ULTRALAB, Anglia Polytechnic University Reino
Portfolio Tools for Supporting Linguistic and Cultural

Jose Noijons CITO, Dutch National Institute for Educational
Measurement Holanda
The development of computer based adaptive tests of language

Ana Ojanguren Universidad de Oviedo; Escuela Tecnica Superior
de Ingenieria Industrial e Ingenieria Informatica;
Dept.Filologia Anglogermanica y Francesa Espana
Tandem Learning Through E-mail

Mark Osborne The British Council Grecia
Network English: A British Council Pilot Project for the
development of in-house CD-ROM based Multimedia courseware.

Jenny Parsons CTI Modern Languages, University of Hull,
Reino Unido
The Tell Consortium: Strategies for Integration.

Luc Pauwels FUCAM - Mons Multimedia on a DOS-plataform.
Examples of practice & use of the authoring package Question
Mark Professional for English, German, Spanish & Dutch
language teaching

James Potter Europa Universitat Viadrina Alemania
Development of a Prototype for a computer system for EFL
Evaluation using a Multi-Media Shell and a Parser-Analyser

Cecile Poussard Equipe ORDI, UFR de Linguistique, Universite
Paris 7 Francia
D"un Dispositif Classique a un Dispositif d"Autoformation
Guidee en Anglais, dans une Formation d"Ingenieurs a Paris

Nigel Reeves Department of Languages and European Studies,
Aston University. Reino Unido
Assessing Corporate Foreign Language Needs-creating a
computerised language auditing tool kit adequate to meet
international needs

Cristina Ros i Sole University of Strathclyde, Department of
Modern Languages Gran Bretana
The Application of Learning Strategies in Multimedia
Courseware with Focus on the Listening Skill

Izumu Saita Faculty of Arts & Letters, Tohoku University Japon
A Multimedia Courseware for Survival Japanese

A.G Sciarone Delft University of Technology Holanda
FEEDBACK: The need for a flexible tool

Niall Sclater University of Glasgow Reino Unido
Strategies for distributing and running multimedia courseware
on networked machines

Mathias Schulze Manchester Metropolitan University Reino Unido
Text Reproduction in a Hypertext Environment

Paul Seedhouse The Norwegian Study Centre, University of York
Using Newspapers on CD-ROM as a Resource

Patricia Sneesby Facultad de Ciencias Empresariales Espana
An Example of an Integrated Skills Session with Combined Media
for Large Classes

Mary Spratt English Dept., Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong
Commercially produced corpora in the ELT classroom

Miranda Stewart University of Strathclyde, Dept. of Modern
Languages Reino Unido
Task as Organising Principle in the Development of

Marieken Swart Dept. of English, University of Stellenbosh
Bridging the Language Gap with an Integrated, Multimedia
Support Programme

Bedir Tekinerdogan Dept. of Computer Science, University of
Twente Holanda
An Instruction-Independent Domain Model for an Interactive
Programming Languages Tutor

June Thompson University of Hull, CTI Modern Languages Reino
The TELL Consortium: Strategies for Integration

Guy Tilkin Lancommanderij Alden Biesen Belgica
Teachers=D5 Council of Ministers by Satellit

Anthea Tillyer City University of New York Estados Unidos
Using Internet Resources for Language Learning

Liliana Tolchinsky Institute of Educational Sciencies,
University of Barcelona Espana
Teaching Written Spanish for the Work-place

Michael Townson Aston University Reino Unido
Grammar is Back: The Astcovea Approach

Julia Unwin SINNEA International Italia
Presentation: Developing distance learning language courses
for technical and commercial staff

Ruth Vilmi The Language Center, Helsinki University of
Technology Finlandia
Helsinki University of Technology E-Mail Writing Project.

Dieter Wolff Bergische Universitat Wuppertal Alemania
Computers as cognitive tools in the language classroom

Jane Woodin Modern Languages Teaching Centre, University of
Sheffield Reino Unido
Tandem Learning Through E-Mail

Christoph Zahner Dept. of Language and Linguistics, U.M.I.S.T
Gran Bretana
The Conceptual Dictionary in Computer-Assisted Language

Dimitrios Zevgolis University of Patras, Physics Department
Development of a Bilingual Electronic Dictionary for car
spare-parts (Bilection)

Qing-gang Zhang School of computing, South Bank University
Reino Unido
Concordance and Reading Comprehension -- from theory to
June Thompson
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