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Approaching the XXIst Century: Undergraduate
Research in the Liberal Arts.

Widener University Humanities Conference for
Undergraduate Research


The Committee for Undergraduate Research of the Humanities
Division at Widener University, Chester, PA, is hosting our
first Conference for Undergraduate Research in spring
1996, to coincide with the 175th anniversary of the
founding of the university. We are very excited about
this event and extend to you an invitation to have your
students join us to present the work that has resulted from
their research in courses at your institution.

Approaching the XXIst Century: Undergraduate
Research in the Liberal Arts, is scheduled for Saturday,
March 23, 1996.

We hope to address issues within and related to
the Humanities as its traditional disciplines encounter
ever-growing challenges in a dynamic educational climate.
We invite papers of high quality in the Liberal Arts, with
the specific submission categories listed below. Students
should send a 300-word abstract and an endorsement
from the instructor of the course by December 20, 1995.
Notification of acceptance will be mailed by January 10,
1996. Those students wishing to have their papers
considered for awards from the conference committee
should submit the completed paper by February 7, 1996.
The fee for conference participants is $25.00, payable by
February 20, 1996.

At Widener University, as at many Liberal Arts
institutions, we are constantly assessing the
importance of our contributions to undergraduates'
appreciation of and preparedness for their post-graduate
experiences. We hope that this opportunity for all of our
students to share their experiences as scholars will further
contribute to that preparedness. We look forward to your
students' participation in our conference.

Submission categories:

American Literature Languages & Linguistics
Technology & the Liberal Arts Art History
European Literature Anthropolgy & Archeology
Psychology European History
Media /Communication Studies Film Studies
World Literature Government & Politics
World History

For further information, please
contact Helena Antolin Cochrane, Chair, at
Humanities Division
One University Place
Chester PA 19013-5792

Phone (610) 499-4356

email: Helena.A.Cochrane@cyber.widener.edu