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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 161.
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[1] From: Gloria McMillan <gmcmillan@east.pima.edu> (29)
Subject: Re: quality of discourse online

I have a virtual classroom at Diversity University that has
a web browser, so that my students can talk about a text
projected into the room. Two things are very exciting:

1. They build skills in writing because ALL communicating
in writing on the screen. The urge to get their ideas across
causes students to hone their writing skills.

2. There are remote students present at some of our class
sessions. When we were dicussing Poe's "The Tell-tale Heart" last
Tuesday night, we had a full-professor from Cincinnati sitting in
and offering his lively comments. [And the reading on these screens
has to go slowly, due to the 'next on web' command. It slows them
down and we gave that text a VERY close reading. Also, the students
were enjoying it so much that they didn't want to quit.]

We should be online again at 7:30 PM (9:30 Central/10:30 Eastern)
next Tues, evening and discussing James Joyce's "Ivy Day in the
Committee Room" from _Dubliners_. Anyone who wants to see how this kind
of class works may sit in. Later, when there are student essays, we'll
discuss them on the MOO, too. And students can mail those class
sessions to their home email acc'ts. to review...

URL: (Diversity University)
TELNET>moo.du.org 8888
Login: co guest
Type once in: @go #2673

Gloria McMillan


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