9.178 new online magazine

Humanist (mccarty@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 19:58:30 -0400 (EDT)

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 178.
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Princeton/Rutgers)

[1] From: Alckmar Luiz dos Santostora (5)
Subject: a new on-line magazine

I think we are the first university in Latin America that has a on-line
review about Literature (Brazilian literature and literary theory),
ANUARIO DE LITERATURA. You can get the articles (XXth and XIXth centuries
brazilian poetry and novel, XIXth century philosophy and literature,
translations portuguese-french etc.) by ftp anonymous to cce.ufsc.br
(, directory pub/revistas/anuario.