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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 199.
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[1] From: henrich@theol.unizh.ch (81)
Subject: Re: 9.190 buyers for back copies of journals?

There is a list devoted to the exchange of serial back issues: BACKSERV.
The following welcome message might help you.
R. Henrich

Rainer Henrich, lic. theol.
Bullinger-Briefwechsel-Edition        Phone:   xx41 1 257 67 54
Kirchgasse 9                          FAX:     xx41 1 262 14 12
CH-8001 Zuerich                       e-mail:  henrich@theol.unizh.ch

Subject: Welcome to Backserv

Backserv - Welcome and Scope


Welcome to Backserv, a list devoted exclusively to the informal exchange of serial back issues and books among libraries. Backserv provides a forum for the listing of both available and desired serial issues and books in all non-medical subject areas. Messages which deal primarily with medical materials should be sent to the BackMed list. Backserv is not a forum for messages which discuss the process of exchanging materials or the merits of various dealers or exchange avenues. These messages should be posted instead on SERIALST or ACQNET.

Each message sent to Backserv should list one or more issues or titles which are either wanted or available. Please do not include both wanted and available titles on the same message. The Subject line of each message should include either the word WANTED or AVAILABLE. This should be followed by a general subject area as in the examples below:

Subject: WANTED - History Subject: AVAILABLE - Engineering

As a guide, messages should be kept to no more than 100 lines. Please include COMPLETE contact information in your message. Do not include the title(s) of your material in the subject line, as some mail systems do not have a subject line available or show only a partial subject line.

Backserv is not a moderated list. It is meant purely as a communication vehicle for librarians and library staff offering or seeking back issues of serial titles or books. You do not need to be subscribed to the list to send messages. Replies to messages should be sent directly to the sender and NOT to the list. Dealers and other exchange organizations are welcome to monitor the list but are asked not to send messages to Backserv at this time. Individuals are free to negotiate with dealers and to make monetary or other arrangements. If you do not wish to be contacted by a commercial organization, simply indicate this in your original message.

To subscribe to this list, send a message to:


with no subject line that reads:

subscribe backserv firstname lastname

To unsubscribe from this list, send a mesage to: listserv@sun.readmore.com

with no subject line that reads:

unsubscribe backserv

To subscribe to the BackMed list, send a messge to:


with no subject line that reads:

subscribe backmed firstname lastname

The archives of Backserv are publicly available on the Readmore webserver and gopher and are fully searchable using built-in WAIS indexing. The last 8 weeks of the archives are maintained online. The archives may be accessed at the following URL:


(use the link to Backserv in the Electronic Services section)

The gopher can be accessed at: gopher.readmore.com, port 70. (From the main gopher menu, select "Backserv".) To take full advantage of some of the services available in the Readmore Gopher, you need a Gopher plus client. Gopher plus clients are available for a variety of machines and operating systems. Talk to your systems personnel or check out the gopher information at boombox.micro.umn.edu for more information.

As part of the Backserv project, catalogs of back issues dealers, publishers and exchange organizations are available at the same location as the list archives. These catalogs are presented in both browsable and searchable formats. Online order and inquiry forms are included; once filled out, these forms are automatically emailed directly to the appropriate organization. Text copies of order forms are also available for downloading and printing out.

Backserv is being hosted by Readmore, Inc. The list administrators are Marilyn Geller and Amira Aaron. Please contact Marilyn (Email: mgeller@readmore.com; Phone: (617) 484-7379) or Amira (Email: aaron@readmore.com; Phone: (617) 860-7224) with questions, comments or suggestions. Or you can leave a message for us at 1-800-221-3306. We would like to hear from you.