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Subject: The UC Irvine Online Critical Theory Resource

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The information on the mailing list PHILOFHI (PHILosophy OF
HIstory and theoretical history) and the application for new
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Nikolai S. Rozov
Professor of Philosophy
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(PHILosophy OF HIstory and theoretical history)

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Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 10:38:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Eric D. Friedman" <eahg076@ea.oac.uci.edu>
Subject: The UC Irvine Online Critical Theory Resource


As of Thursday afternoon, the UC Irvine Online Critical Theory Resource
(CTR) is available on the World Wide Web. You may access it from the
UCI Libraries' home page <http://www.lib.uci.edu> by following the
links to UCI Sources, Special Collections, and the UCI Online Critical
Theory Resource. Alternatively, you can jump directly to the Special
Collections Page by pointing your web browser to

The CTR is the result of my work over the summer with the UCI
Libraries' Special Collections Librarian and Critical Theory
Bibliographer Eddie Yeghiayan, and includes a large number of
hypertext bibliographies of works by and about various critical
theorists. The resource is both browsable and searchable, and has
several features to help you locate information quickly. You can, for
example, perform Boolean searches to expand or narrow a search. You
may also control the number of records returned by your search, and
you can match partial words or even mispelled words. In addition, you
can specify the scope of your search based on where in the archive it
is initiated. That is, a search which begins at the top level of the
CTR will scan all of the entries in the archive. Searching from the
top of the Wellek Library Lecturer Bibliographies (one of two major
subsections of the CTR) will include only that section of the archive.
Finally, a search from, for example, Wolfgang Iser's bibliography will
return records by and about Iser exclusively.

The bibliographies in the Wellek Library Lecturer subsection are 'works in
progress,' and suggestions for additions/corrections are welcome. A
form is provided for this purpose.

I'm attaching a list of the theorists and critics whose work is
represented in the CTR and invite you to inform your
friends/colleagues around the world that this Resource is available.

Thanks for your attention,
Eric D. Friedman
Program in Comparative Literature
University of California, Irvine
friedman@uci.edu ***Mime, BinHex, UUencode, 8-bit character sets OK***


**The Wellek Library Lecturer Bibliographies**
[N.B. Some lecturers from before 1986 do have bibliographies in the CTR, but
they are not as extensive as those in this list.]

Rene Wellek
1986 -- Jean-Francois Lyotard
1987 -- Louis Marin (forthcoming)
1988 -- Murray Krieger
1989 -- Edward Said
1990 -- Helene Cixous
1991 -- Fredric Jameson
1992 -- Geoffrey Hartman
1993 -- Evelyn Fox Keller
1994 -- Wolfgang Iser
1995 -- Rosalind Krauss

**The UC Humanities Research Institute Bibliographies**

Annotation and Its Texts
John A. Alford
Jacques Derrida
Anthony Grafton
Ralph Hanna
Traugott Lawler
Laurent Mayali
Thomas McFarland
Anne Middleton
Stephen G. Nichols
James A. Nohrnberg
Thomas E. Toon

Literature and Social Values: Soviet and American Views
Henrik Birnbaum
Wayne Booth
Phyllis Franklin
Murray Krieger
Feliks F. Kuznetsov
J. Hillis Miller
Nikolai N. Skatov
Barbara Herrnstein Smith
Dmitry M. Urnov

The Function of Cultural Criticism in the Present Time
Richard Berg
Joseph A. Buttigieg
Abdul R. JanMohamed
Martin Jay
Murray Krieger
David Lloyd
Pamela McCallum
Michael McKeon
Mark Poster
Donna Pryzbylowicz
Paul Rabinow
John Carlos Rowe
Jochen Schulte-Sasse

Life at the Limits: A Conference on the Moral Issues
Margaret Battin
Dan Brock
Allen Buchanan
David Daube
Phillipa Foot
Louis Gluck
Sanford H. Kadish
Elisabeth A. Lloyd
Bernard Lo
Joanne Lynn
Deborah R. Matthieu
Warren Quinn
Leslie Rothenberg
T.M. Scanlon
Richard Wasserstrom
Richard Wollheim

Postmodernism and Beyond: Architecture as the Critical Art of
Contemporary Culture
Ann Bergren
Aaron Betsky
Andrea Oppenheimer Dean
Jacques Derrida
Peter Eisenman
David Gebhard
Frank O. Gehry
Diane Ghirardo
M. Gottdiener
Ingeborg Hoesterey
Renee Riese Hubert
Frank Israel
Roger Kimball
Jean Francois Lyotard
J. Hillis Miller
Marilyn F. Moriarty
David J. Neuman
Barton Phelps
Donald Preziosi
Avital Ronell
Robert A. M. Stern
Steven Taubeneck
Leon Whiteson
Michael Wilford
Nancy Wolf

Cultural Change and Journal Editing in the USSR and the USA
Ralph Cohen
Jonathan Culler
Stephen Jay Greenblatt
Leonard Lavlinskii
Lazar Ilich Schindel
V. A. Maliutin
Alekseevich Mikhailov
W. J. Thomas Mitchell
Catharine R. Stimpson
Dmitrii Mikhailovich Urnov

The Variety of Historicisms
Natalie Zemon Davis
Stephen Greenblatt
Frederic Jameson
Lisa Jardine
Gunther Klotz
Bronislaw Misztal
Mark Poster
Martin Prochazka
Istvan Rev
Mark Rose
Thomas Sorge
Robert Weimann
Marek Zelazkiewicz