9.277 U of West Florida?

Humanist (mccarty@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 21:16:38 -0500 (EST)

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 277.
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Princeton/Rutgers)

[1] From: Monique Jucquois-Delpierre <juquois@rz.uni- (13)
Subject: University of West Florida

Dear humanist,

Please, I would like to have more information about the University of West
Florida! Where it is, private or state, studies in communication, information
culture, cinema, filmology, narrative communication or philosophy? Who is
participant of our humanist discussion group, etc..?
Many thanks!

Monique Jucquois-Delpierre
Heinrich -Heine -Universitaet
Department of Information science
Data base Philis
fax:0049 211 311 2917
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