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[1] From: Norm Holland <NNH@NERVM.NERDC.UFL.EDU> (27)
Subject: Re: 9.300 Pergasus? Nota Bene?

Re Nota Bene: I'm a great fan of same, having used it to write three
books now. If you look in the current issue of PC-Magazine, on word
processing, under the specialized word processors, you'll see high
praise for it there. Ed Mendelsohn, their editor for word processing,
has often said it is really the single best word processor, but no
one uses it, so it doesn't get much publicity.

On your specific queries--

a) I only use it for English, so I cannot speak to its language
capability. But its Lingua option is designed for different alphabets.
It is widely used in Israel because it is so good for Hebrew.

b) Nota Bene files are DOS files so it can be imported to or exported
from just about anything.

c) It is fine for footnotes, bibliography, and indexes. I index our
huge 2000-item Annual Bibliography using Nota Bene--the index alone
can run as much as 100K. Once you get the hang of it, you can do
a lot toward desktop publishing. It is weak on graphics, however.
Rather than try to do dtp with any word processor, tho, I would recommend
using a word processor to write the text, and turning to MSPUBLISHER
to publish the text. That way, you have great flexibility with all
kinds of graphics and other dtp tricks, "cont. on p. 3" and the like,
all taken care of automatically.
--Best, Norm Holland

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