9.305 programming

Humanist (mccarty@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 22:24:22 -0500 (EST)

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 305.
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Princeton/Rutgers)

[1] From: Harry Gaylord <galiard@let.rug.nl> (10)
Subject: Re: 9.301 programming for the humanities

I am afraid that the comments of Willard reflect the weak kneed reaction
of Toronto all to well. They are afraid of SGML and UNIX.

I have taught Snobol (formerly named SEXY) from Susan Hockey's book
since it first came out. It is the best textbook I have ever used.
A book on advanced book needs to be written, and my colleague,
Ferdinand de Haan, want to write it.

Colleagues such as Eric Johnson, David Birnbaum, and David Meggison
(with PERL) have shown that we don't need to follow the Toronto

Apologies, Willard.

Harry Gaylord