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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 376.
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[1] From: Ron Burnett <czbu@musica.mcgill.ca> (18)
Subject: New Book on Visual Media

[2] From: Maurizio Lana <lana@cisi.unito.it> (21)
Subject: Hyper-G, new hyper-all on the Internet

[3] From: creamer@urvax.urich.edu (54)
Subject: Milton Review

[4] From: Pamela Cohen <pac@rci.rutgers.edu> (271)
Subject: Internet day of protest

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 13:47:18 -0400
From: Ron Burnett <czbu@musica.mcgill.ca>
Subject: New Book on Visual Media

Members of the Humanist list may be interested in a
new book on Media which addresses many of the problems
associated with working upon and interpreting popular
forms of cultural expression.
"Cultures of Vision: Images, Media and the Imaginary" by Ron Burnett
Director, Graduate Program in Communications at McGill University,
published by Indiana University Press, November, 1995
355 pages with bibiliography and index. ($19.95 U.S.)

<Late twentieth century culture is saturated with images. As home
photographs shift from the print format to digital technology and as video
moves from the television screen to multimedia, it is crucial to develop
new strategies of interpreting and analysing these images. "Cultures of
Vision" begins with photography and ends with an examination of postmodern
media communities. The book studies video images, from the avant-garde to
community media - to open up debate on the widespread and growing
phenomenon of video practice.>
The table of contents can be found at

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 23:52:54 GMT
From: Maurizio Lana <lana@cisi.unito.it>
Subject: Hyper-G, new hyper-all on the Internet

Following an article in Byte (November 1995, pp. 59ss) I went to=20

It is a very interesting starting point if you like to see what's Hyper-G: =
new hyper browser which does many interesting things and offers access
security, consistency of links, navigational tools, ...
At the address above you can dowload the Unix and the Windows (32bit)
versions (some 2 to 6 files about 1.3M in size): the connection on Saturday
afternoon and evening proved to be quite good (about 1.5K/sec. through a
14.4 modem).
Definitely worth some thinking time, in my opinion

Usual disclaimer: I have no connection with the people who produced the
Hyper-G programs!


Maurizio Lana - lana@tecnetdati.it - fax 39 (11) 562 3066
lana@cisi.unito.it - fax 39 (11) 899 1648
Tecnet Dati - Via Legnano 27 - 10128 Torino - Italy
CISI, Universita' di Torino - Via S. Ottavio 20 - 10124 Torino - Italy
editor of =ABArachnion. A Journal of Ancient Literature and History on the =

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 11:14:28 -0500
From: creamer@urvax.urich.edu
Subject: Milton Review

MILTON REVIEW is to be a home for deep and considered reviews of

- Books about the life or work of John Milton, or
- Books about anything that Milton might have read, or
- Books about any author of interest to Milton scholars.

Critical perspectives might include:

New historicist Semiotic Formalist
New Critical Deconstructionist Postmodern

or other critical schools yet to be thought of


Authors and artists might include:

Euripides DuBartas Puritanism
Bunyan Blake Jonson
Marvell Sidney Johnson
Jean Diodati Galileo Paracelsus
Augustine Cowper Iris Murdoch
Dylan Thomas Mary Wroth Francis Bacon
Defoe Frescobaldi Seneca
Michelangelo Handel Origen

and you-name-it


While MILTON REVIEW is not interactive, readers may make comments on
reviews on the sister discussion group, MILTON-L (an electronic discussion
devoted to the life, literature and times of John Milton; to subscribe
send the message "subscribe Milton-L" to mailserv@urvax.urich.edu).

Reviews will be archived on The Milton-L Home Page
<http://www.urich.edu/~creamer/milton.html>, which also contains
links to Milton e-texts and scholarly articles (as well as the Milton-L

To subscribe to MILTON REVIEW, send the following message (the subject
line doesn't matter)

subscribe Milton-Review

(Please be sure to put the dash between Milton and Review!)



The first issue will be posted the week of December 11, 1995

MILTON REVIEW is published by Roy Flannagan (Ohio University) and
Kevin J.T. Creamer (University of Richmond). Material published in MR
remains in the copyright of the authors, who grant to MR right of first
publication and the right to reproduce material published here in
anthologies of our own.

For questions, address M_Review@urvax.urich.edu.

MILTON REVIEW (C) 1995 Roy C. Flannagan and Kevin J.T. Creamer.
MILTON REVIEW web page: <http://www.urich.edu/~creamer/review.html>
For information about submitting a book for review, contact Kevin J.T.
Creamer at M_Review@urvax.urich.edu.

Reviewers Wanted
If you are interested in reviewing books for MILTON REVIEW, please
contact Roy Flannagan at flannagan@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu.

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 12:50:11 -0500
From: Pamela Cohen <pac@rci.rutgers.edu>
Subject: Internet day of protest

Humanist subscribers should take the following seriously. --Pamela Cohen

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>From: IN%"editor@cdt.ORG" 9-DEC-1995 17:45:30.60
>To: IN%"DELY@db1.cc.rochester.edu"
>Subj: ALERT - Protest Internet Censorship Bills, Tues 12/12/95
>To subscribers of CDT's policy-posts:
>CDT has joined forces with the ACLU, EFF, EPIC, and the Voters
>Telecommunications Watch (VTW), and other free speech groups to
>organize a National Day of Protest on Tuesday December 12, 1995
>against Congressional attempts to censor the Internet.
>We hope you will join us and hundreds of thousands of your fellow
>net.citizens in this effort.
>Congress is expected to cast a final vote on this issue next week.
>The fate of the Internet as a viable medium for free expression,
>education, and commerce hangs in the balance.
>Please take a moment to read the attached alert and get ready to
>flood Capitol Hill with phone calls, faxes, and email messages
>on Tuesday. Please also forward this alert to all of your wired
>Together we *can* make a difference.
>Jonah Seiger
> On Tuesday December 12, 1995, Join With Hundreds of Thousands
> Of Your Fellow Internet Users In
> Internet Day of Protest: Tuesday December 12, 1995
> What You Must Do On Tuesday December 12, 1995
> List of Participating Organizations
> Where Can I Learn More?
>Outrageous proposals to censor the Internet demand that the Internet
>Community take swift and immediate action. We must stand up and let
>Congress know that we will not tolerate their attempts to destroy this
>medium! Please join hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens in a
>National Day of Protest on Tuesday December 12, 1995.
>As you know, on Wednesday December 6, 1995, the House Conference
>Committee on Telecommunications Reform voted to impose far reaching and
>unconstitutional "indecency" restrictions on the Internet and other
>interactive media, including large commercial online services (such as
>America Online, Compuserve, and Prodigy) and smaller Internet Service
>Providers such as Panix, the Well, Echo, and Mindvox.
>These restrictions threaten the very existence of the Internet and
>interactive media as a viable medium for free expression, education,
>commerce. If enacted, the Internet as we know it will never be the
>Libraries will not be able to put any books online that might
>offend a child somewhere. No "Catcher in the Rye" or "Ulysses" on the net=
>Internet Service Providers could face criminal penalties for allowing
>children to subscribe to their Internet Services, forcing many small
>companies to simply refuse to sell their services to anyone under 18. Wors=
>of all, everything you say and publish on the net will have to be "dumbed
>down" to that which is acceptable to a child.
>As Internet users, we simply must not allow this assault against the
>Internet and our most basic freedoms to go unchallenged.
>On Tuesday December 12, the organizations below are urging you to
>join us in a NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST. The goal is to flood key members of
>the House and Senate with phone calls, faxes and email with the message
>that the Internet community WILL NOT TOLERATE Congressional attempts to
>destroy the Internet, limit our freedoms and trample on our rights.
>Below are the phone, fax, and email address of several key members of
>Congress on this issue and instructions on what you can do to join the
>National Day of Protest to save the Net.
>1. Throughout the day Tuesday December 12, please contact as many
> members of Congress on the list below as you can. If you are only
> able to make one call, contact House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Finally,
> if the Senator or Representative from your state is on the list
> below, be sure to contact him or her also.
>2. Urge each Member of Congress to "stop the madness". Tell them that
> they are about to pass legislation that will destroy the Internet as
> an educational and commercial medium. If you are at a loss for
> words, try the following sample communique:
> Sample phone call:
> Both the House and Senate bills designed to protect children
> from objectionable material on the Internet will actually
> destroy the Internet as an medium for education, commerce, and
> political discourse. There are other, less restrictive ways to
> address this issue.
> I urge you to oppose both measures being proposed in the
> conference committee. This is an important election issue to
> me.
> Sample letter (fax or email):
> The Senate conferees are considering ways to protect children
> from inappropriate material on the Internet. A vote for either
> the House or Senate proposals will result in the destruction of
> the Internet as a viable medium for free expression, education,
> commerce. Libraries will not be able to put their entire book
> collections online. Everyday people like me will risk massive
> fines and prison sentences for public discussions someone s
> somewhere might consider "indecent".
> There are other, less restrictive ways to protect children from
> objectionable material online. This is an important election
> issue to me.
>3. If you're in San Francisco, or near enough to get there, go to
> the Rally Against Censorship from Ground Zero of the Digital Revolution=
> WHEN: Monday, December 11, 1995 12:00 - 1:00 PM
> WHERE: South Park (between 2nd and 3rd, Bryant and Brannon) San Francis=
> SPEAKERS: To be announced
> BRING: Attention-grabbing posters, signs, and banners that demonstrate
> your committment to free speech and expression, and your feelings
> about Congress.
> FOR UPDATED INFORMATION (including rain info):
> http://www.hotwired.com/staff/digaman/
>4. Mail a note to protest@vtw.org to let us know you did your part.
> Although you will not receive a reply due to the number of
> anticipated responses, we'll be counting up the number of people that
> participated in the day of protest.
> P ST Name and Address Phone Fax
> =3D =3D=3D =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D =3D=3D=3D=3D=
> R AK Stevens, Ted 1-202-224-3004 1-202-224-1044
> R AZ McCain, John 1-202-224-2235 1-602-952-8702
> senator_mccain@mccain.senate.gov
> D HI Inouye, Daniel K. 1-202-224-3934 1-202-224-6747
> R KS Dole, Robert 1-202-224-6521 1-202-228-1245
> D KY Ford, Wendell H. 1-202-224-4343 1-202-224-0046
> wendell_ford@ford.senate.gov
> R MS Lott, Trent 1-202-224-6253 1-202-224-2262
> R MT Burns, Conrad R. 1-202-224-2644 1-202-224-8594
> conrad_burns@burns.senate.gov
> D NE Exon, J. J. 1-202-224-4224 1-202-224-5213
> D SC Hollings, Ernest F. 1-202-224-6121 1-202-224-4293
> senator@hollings.senate.gov
> R SD Pressler, Larry 1-202-224-5842 1-202-224-1259
> larry_pressler@pressler.senate.gov
> R WA Gorton, Slade 1-202-224-3441 1-202-224-9393
> senator_gorton@gorton.senate.gov
> D WV Rockefeller, John D. 1-202-224-6472 n.a.
> senator@rockefeller.senate.gov
> Dist ST Name, Address, and Party Phone Fax
> =3D=3D=3D=3D =3D=3D =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D =3D=
> 6 GA Gingrich, Newt (R) 1-202-225-4501 1-202-225-4656
> 2428 RHOB georgia6@hr.house.gov
> 14 MI Conyers Jr., John (D) 1-202-225-5126 1-202-225-0072
> 2426 RHOB jconyers@hr.house.gov
> 1 CO Schroeder, Patricia (D) 1-202-225-4431 1-202-225-5842
> 2307 RHOB
> 18 TX Jackson-Lee, Sheila (D) 1-202-225-3816 1-202-225-3317
> 1520 LHOB
> 6 TN Gordon, Bart (D) 1-202-225-4231 1-202-225-6887
> 2201 RHOB
>4. Forward this alert to all of your wired friends.
>At this moment, there are several organizations with WWW sites that now
>have, or will have, information about the net censorship legislation and
>the National Day Of Protest:
>American Civil Liberties Union (ftp://ftp.aclu.org/aclu/)
>Center for Democracy and Technology (http://www.cdt.org/)
>Electronic Frontier Foundation (http://www.eff.org/)
>Electronic Privacy Information Center (http://www.epic.org/)
>Wired Magazine (http://www.hotwired.com/special/indecent/)
>Voters Telecommunications Watch (http://www.vtw.org/)
>In order to use the net more effectively, several organizations have
>joined forces on a single Congressional net campaign to stop the
>Communications Decency Act.
>American Civil Liberties Union * American Communication Association *
>American Council for the Arts * Arts & Technology Society * Association
>of Alternative Newsweeklies * biancaTroll productions * Boston
>Coalition for Freedom of Expression * Californians Against Censorship
>Together * Center For Democracy And Technology * Centre for Democratic
>Communications * Center for Public Representation * Citizen's Voice -
>New Zealand * Cloud 9 Internet *Computer Communicators Association *
>Computel Network Services * Computer Professionals for Social
>Responsibility * Cross Connection * Cyber-Rights Campaign * CyberQueer
>Lounge * Dorsai Embassy * Dutch Digital Citizens' Movement * ECHO
>Communications Group, Inc. * Electronic Frontier Canada * Electronic
>Frontier Foundation * Electronic Frontier Foundation - Austin *
>Electronic Frontiers Australia * Electronic Frontiers Houston *
>Electronic Frontiers New Hampshire * Electronic Privacy Information
>Center * Feminists For Free Expression * First Amendment Teach-In *
>Florida Coalition Against Censorship * FranceCom, Inc. Web Advertising
>Services * Friendly Anti-Censorship Taskforce for Students * Hands
>Off! The Net * Inland Book Company * Inner Circle Technologies, Inc. *
>Inst. for Global Communications * Internet On-Ramp, Inc. * Internet
>Users Consortium * Joint Artists' and Music Promotions Political Action
>Committee * The Libertarian Party * Marijuana Policy Project *
>Metropolitan Data Networks Ltd. * MindVox * MN Grassroots Party *
>National Bicycle Greenway * National Campaign for Freedom of Expression
>* National Coalition Against Censorship * National Gay and Lesbian Task
>Force * National Public Telecomputing Network * National Writers Union
>* Oregon Coast RISC * Panix Public Access Internet * People for the
>American Way * Republican Liberty Caucus * Rock Out Censorship *
>Society for Electronic Access * The Thing International BBS Network *
>The WELL * Voters Telecommunications Watch
>(Note: All 'Electronic Frontier' organizations are independent entities,
> not EFF chapters or divisions.)
> End Alert
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
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phone: (908) 932-1384 / fax: (908) 932-1386

Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
169 College Avenue / New Brunswick NJ 08903
phone: (908) 932-1384 / fax: (908) 932-1386