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[1] From: "Eric D. Friedman" <friedman@hydra.acs.uci.edu> (47)
Subject: CFP: (Dis)Placing Nationalisms

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(Dis)Placing Nationalisms

A Graduate Student Conference Organized by Graduate Students in the
Programs of English, Comparative Literature, and Creative Writing at the
University of California Irvine

Keynote Speakers: Rey Chow and J. Hillis Miller, both of the English and
Comparative Literature Department at UCI

Benedict Anderson has noted the extent to which nations are defined not so
much through common government as through common cultural referents, This
conference will explore the way in which not only texts, but music, visual
culture and film contribute to, are implicated in, and work against the
formation of the concepts of nation, nationality, and national identity.
We are especially interested in receiving papers and creative writing
projects which respond to the various nationalisms and anti-nationalisms
of our time, including papers that explore the impact these ideologies
have had on the idea of the university as the principal site for the
formation of subjects and the transmission of national cultural identity.
We also welcome papers which address the historical origins or development
of nationalism and national identity, regional conflicts, and colonialist
politics. Some possible topics include:

Romantic Nationalisms, Romantic Internationalism *Victorian Nationalisms
and the Rhetoric of Colonization *Modernist Anti-nationalism *Nationalism
and Gender/Sexuality *Performative Nationalities *Nationalism and
Anti-Semitism *Nationalism and Pedagogy *Nationalism and Colonialism
*Anti-nationalism *The Rhetoric of Nationalism *Nationalism and
Contemporary Critical Theory *Nationalism and National Socialism
*Nationalism and Racism *Nationalism and Genocide *New Ethnic Movements
*Black Nationalism *Queer Nations *Nationalism in the Americas
*Nationalism and the Internationale: Working Class Notions of Nation
*(Re)Visioning the Nation *Nationalism and the Global Village *Nationalism
and the University *Internationalism and Corporate Culture

The conference will be held on 18 May 1996 at the University of
California, Irvine campus. Please mail abstracts by 15 February 1996 to

Graduate Student Conference
Department of English and Comparative Literature
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92717

Abstracts can also be sent via e-mail to friedman@uci.edu or faxed to
(714)824-2916 (Attention: Graduate Student Conference).

Full papers, if the abstract is accepted, are due 19 April. We will then
make all the papers available on the Web (or if necessary mail xerox
copies to individuals) so that all conference participants can read those
papers that they're interested in beforehand. We envision the conference
panels not as paper presentations, but as discussions of the
participants' work, involving participants, audience members, and
moderators. We hope the conference will allow for greater professional
and social interaction than those with traditional formats.