9.386 19th-C American Women Writers

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Fri, 15 Dec 1995 18:01:58 -0500 (EST)

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 386.
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Princeton/Rutgers)

[1] From: Editor@clever.net (59)
Subject: 19th Century American Women Writers Web

The 19th Century American Women Writers Web (19CWWW)
is a site devoted to the study and appreciation of
19th Century American culture and women writers of
the period located at:


The site has recently added a number of works to its
"virtual library" of electronic texts. Thanks to a
donation by Janet S. Gray, whose non-virtual
anthology of 19th century women's poetry is coming
out soon from Everyman, we have added a number of
poems, biographical information and commentary (by
Dr. Gray) for Sarah Josepha Hale and Eliza Lee
Follen. The materials supplement rather than
replicate Gray's upcoming anthology. Also, the 1835
Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society's Constitution was
recently added.

The 19CWWW e-text archive is accessible directly at:


Or, by following the "books and authors" banner from
the first screen.

>From January 6 to February 28, 1996, the 19CWWW will
present an on-line exhibit of highlights from the
Carnegie Museum's 19th Century American
holdings--works by Cassatt, Whistler, Blythe, Hassan
and others. This represents the first time the museum
has allowed their holdings to be presented on the
Internet. Users will be able to view individual
works, enlarged details, and to hear (via realtime
audio) a discussion of each work by the museum's
curator. Hypertext links will also allow exhibit
viewers to jump to other sources of information on
the web relevant to each work. Users will also be
able to take the art quiz and to qualify for
art-related computer software and other prizes. (I
should also mention that assistance for this
exhibition has been
provided by Connect, Inc., Encyclopedia Brittanica,
Voyager, and Anne Klein and Associates Public

The URL for the exhibit will be:


There is currently a preview of the exhibition at
this address.

This exhibit marks the start of an exciting "spring
season" for the 19CWWW that will include a series of
original exhibitions for the Internet community
pertaining to 19th Century women and 19th Century
American Culture from the country's finest museums
and archives, including the Henry Ford
Museum/Greenfield Village (Detroit, Michigan) and

Please visit the 19CWWW, and feel free to contact me


Thank you,

Tyler M. Steben
19CWWW Editor