9.455 money flowing in the opposite direction???

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[1] From: Language Technology <langtech@DGS.dgsys.com> (18)
Subject: Re: 9.438 Humanist as intellectual matchmaker?

I just read part of the Newsweek article about Bill Gates of Microsoft
and his new book (which I haven't read), but it sounds to me like he is
trying to make some inroads into the humanities. Perhaps he would be
interested in financing some good projects relevant to his interests.

Anybody have an in at Microsoft? How can we find out more about the
latest 'guru' and his feelings about the humanities?

I know I'm preaching to the choir -- but maybe everyone else is snowed in
these days -- but don't believe all that stuff about Gates knowing more
about the Internet than everyone else. He's really scrambling in that
direction. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time
with a reasonable operating system and has managed to infiltrate the PC
world. [more spinning tires on ice outside] But he is the current "guy
with the big bucks"!!!

Mary Dee

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