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[1] From: "Karl D. Uitti" <KDUITTI@pucc.Princeton.EDU> (26)
Subject: NEH Summer Seminar(1996)

My colleague T. Pavel has asked me to post the following:

Applications are invited to a six-week NEH-sponsored Summer Seminar for
College Teachers (24 June-2 August 1996).

TITLE: "After Poststructuralism: The Individual in Contemporary French

This interdisciplinary seminar will treat issues that have been in the
forefront of recent French intellectual debates: the moral nature of social
protest, the relations between liberalism and consumerism, the intellectual
origins of the Western democratic system and its place in the contemporary
world, the best strategy for defending human rights, and the predicaments of
literary and artistic modernity. Since such topics are at the center of public
discourse in the United States as well as in France, the seminar will attempt
to capture the common interests of French and American intellectuals as well as
their differences.

Applications from colleagues with a special interest in French literature and
culture, as well as those who are more generally concerned with the issues to
be treated in the seminar are equally welcome.


FELLOWSHIP STIPEND: $3200 (for six weeks)

HOUSING: available in Princeton University facilities and in area sublets

For further information, please contact:

Professor Thomas PAVEL
Department of Comparative Literature
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
FAX: 609-258-1873