9.494 Green Card lottery (U.S.A.)

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Fri, 26 Jan 1996 20:05:35 -0500 (EST)

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[1] From: "Malcolm Hayward, English, IUP, Indiana PA 15705" (23)
Subject: Green Card Lottery

I have heard that this February there will be another Green Card
Lottery held, opening up some 50,000 or more spaces for immigrants.
The application procedure is very simple: essentially your name,
address, and nationality on a piece of paper, sent in an envelope
to a specified zip code (previously in Portsmouth, NH) within a
specified window (received by ... but not after ...). I've been
able to find nothing on the Internet/WWW on the details (except
for a few lawyers offering to send the letters for 50 bucks or
so, which sounds like good money if you can get it). Does anyone
have any leads to further documentation on the February lottery?
Thanks. Malcolm Hayward mhayward@grove.iup.edu