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[1] From: "Otmar K. E. Foelsche" (27)
Subject: Foundation of the Hellenic World

[2] From: "R. G. Siemens" <siemens@unixg.ubc.ca> (104)
Subject: EMLS 1.3 (December 1995) Available

[3] From: LIB3@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU (56)
Subject: Call for Papers on Scholarly E-Publishing
on the Internet

Date: 25 Jan 96 09:46:27 EST
From: "Otmar K. E. Foelsche" <Otmar.K.E.Foelsche@Dartmouth.EDU>
Subject: Foundation of the Hellenic World

The Foundation of the Hellenic World is inviting proposals by
Hellenic Culture and History experts towards the development
of a website on a topic of their choice.

Please send a brief description of your proposal to
Fillia.Makedon@dartmouth.edu. The proposal should
1. name, address and credentials of project director
2. brief description of content and materials to be
included in the site.
3. number of assistants involved, time requirements (maximum is 6 months)
and infrastructure support needed (maximum is $2,000)

4. mission and goal of the website and audience it is intended for
5. justification of website creation

for related information please look at:

http://www.fhw.forthnet.gr/ information on the Foundation
http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/olympic/ a website on the Ancient Olympics
Fillia Makedon
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
6211 Sudikoff Laboratory, room 109
Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
(603) 646-1672 FAX
Email: makedon@dartmouth.edu
WWW: http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~makedon

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 19:16:17 -0800
From: "R. G. Siemens" <siemens@unixg.ubc.ca>
Subject: EMLS 1.3 (December 1995) Available

[This message will be cross-posted; please excuse duplication]

EMLS 1.3 (December 1995) is Now Available.

The journal is available now on the WWW via our home page, at


An ASCII text version of EMLS 1.3 will be made available to
our electronic mail subscribers and those readers using GOPHER.
EMLS 1.3 will be available via GOPHER at

edziza.arts.ubc.ca /english/EMLS

To subscribe to the version of EMLS that is distributed through
electronic mail, please send a message including your name,
affiliation, and electronic mail address to




Front Matter:
- Publishing Information, Journal Availability,
Contact Addresses.
- Editorial Group.
- Submission Information.

- Evolution and Growth in On-line Resources for
Early Modern Literary Studies. [1].
Raymond G. Siemens, University of British

- Article Abstracts / R&eacute;sum&eacute;s des

- Marking his Place: Ben Jonson's Punctuation.[2].
Sara van den Berg, University of Washington,
- Protocols of Reading: Milton and Biography. [3].
J. Michael Vinovich, University of Toronto.
- Shifting Signs: Increase Mather and the Comets of
1680 and 1682. [4].
Andrew P. Williams, North Carolina Central

- Milton and the Sexy Seals: A Peephole into the
Horton Years. [5].
John K. Hale, University of Otago, NZ.

- John Donne. _The Variorum Edition of the Poetry
of John Donne, Vol 6: The Anniversaries and the
Epicedes and Obsequies_. Gen. Ed. Gary A.
Stringer. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1995. [6].
Claude J. Summers, University of Michigan,
- Lauren Silberman. _Forming Desire: Erotic
Knowledge in Books III and IV of _The Faerie
Queene. Berkeley, Los Angeles, and London: U of
California P, 1995. [7].
David Lindley, University of Leeds.
- Jean H. Hagstrum. _Esteem Enlivened by Desire:
The Couple from Homer to Shakespeare._ Chicago: U
of Chicago P, 1992. [8].
Paul G. Stanwood, University of British
- Alan C. Dessen. _Recovering Shakespeare's
Theatrical Vocabulary._ Cambridge: Cambridge UP,
1995. [9].
W.L. Godshalk, University of Cincinnati.
- Kenneth J. Graham. _The Performance of
Conviction: Plainness and Rhetoric in the Early
English Renaissance._ Ithaca and London: Cornell
UP, 1994. [10].
Shannon Murray, University of Prince Edward
- Mindele Anne Treip. _Allegorical Poetics and the
Epic: The Renaissance Tradition to Paradise Lost._
Lexington, Kentucky: UP of Kentucky, 1994. [11].
C.D. Jago, University of British Columbia.
- David Daniell. _William Tyndale: A Biography_.
New Haven: Yale UP, 1994. [12].
Romuald I. Lakowski.
- Timothy Raylor. _Cavaliers, Clubs, and Literary
Culture: Sir John Mennes, James Smith, and the
Order of the Fancy._ Newark: U of Delaware P,
1994. [13].
K.E. Patrick, Headington School, Oxford.
- David L. Smith, Richard Strier, and David
Bevington eds. _The Theatrical City: Culture, Theatre
and Politics in London 1576-1649._ Cambridge UP,
- Lawrence Manley. _Literature and Culture in Early
Modern London._ Cambridge UP, 1995. [14].
Emma Smith, All Souls College, Oxford.

- Reviewing Information, Books Received for
Review, and Forthcoming Reviews.

Readers' Forum:
- Puritan Utopia in Herbert's Poetry: A Response to
P.G. Stanwood's Affliction and Flight in Herbert's
Poetry. [15].
Paul Moon, Auckland Institute of Technology.
- Responses to articles, reviews, and notes appearing
in this issue that are intended for the Readers' Forum
may be sent to the Editor at EMLS@arts.ubc.ca.

Individual contributions which make this issue are copyright
(c) 1995 by their authors, all rights reserved. Volume 1.3 as
a whole is copyright (c) 1995 by _Early Modern Literary
Studies_, all rights reserved, and may be used and shared in
accordance with the fair-use provisions of U.S. copyright
law. Archiving and redistribution for profit, or republication
of this text in any medium, requires the consent of the author
and the editor of _EMLS_.

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 14:34:23 -0500
Subject: Call for Papers on Scholarly E-Publishing on the Internet

The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, an electronic journal
established in 1989, is issuing a call for papers on scholarly
electronic publishing activities on the Internet. The journal
has published a number of papers on this topic in the past, and
the editors are interested in exploring contemporary e-publishing
projects and perspectives.

Potential topics of interest include:

o State-of-the-art overviews of the e-publishing of
books, journals, preprints, and other materials.

o Case studies of "second-generation" e-journals that
utilize HTML; graphic images; Acrobat, PostScript, and
similar distribution tools; search engines; and related
discussion lists to overcome the limitations of ASCII
text or to provide new capabilities not found in print
publishing. (Similar case studies about other types of
scholarly electronic materials would also be welcome.)

o Discussions of how libraries are (or should be)
integrating scholarly electronic materials into their
collections (especially preservation issues),
publishing or fostering the publication of these
materials, participating in efforts to develop
relevant standards and improved finding tools, and
leading the way with digital library and similar

o Critiques of the rapidly changing role of copyright in
the Internet environment and how it may influence the
future of scholarly publishing for good or ill.

o Thoughtful position papers, manifestos, and calls for
action that illuminate the potentials and perils of
scholarly electronic publishing or suggest new

See the journal's home page (http://info.lib.uh.edu/pacsrev.html)
for more background information about the journal, including
author guidelines.

If you would like to participate, please let me know and indicate
what target date you would like for submission (the journal has a
flexible publication schedule). Papers can be submitted to
either the Refereed Articles or Communications (editor-selected)
sections of the journal.

(A Web version of this call for papers is available at

Best Regards,

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