9.544 Blackbird

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[1] From: "Paul R. Falzer" <prf@callnet.com> (17)
Subject: Re: 9.529 demise of Blackbird

>Talk of Microsoft Blackbird has become basically irrelevant, because
>last week Microsoft abandoned its support of the project, leaving
>in the lurch hundreds of software developers who had sunk large
>investments into developing products dependent on Blackbird

As proof that PC development is a labile business, note this excerpt from
*InfoWorld Electric,* entitled "Netscape woos abandoned Microsoft Blackbird

"Microsoft Corp. has quietly abandoned its proprietary development
environment for the Microsoft Network (MSN), but Internet rival Netscape
Communications Corp. made noise Wednesday with its migration program for
Microsoft Blackbird developers wanting to create Internet content and

"Netscape is offering, through March 31, free Netscape Development Partners
Program memberships and software to enable Blackbird developers to move to
open-platform tools for creating live on-line applications."

The full article, authored by Michael Parsons and Dana Gardner, can be found
at http://www.infoworld.com/pageone/tdaysnws.map.