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[1] From: Allen Renear <ALLEN@BROWNVM.brown.edu> (38)
Subject: Job: Research Programmer

This search has been extended without deadline. Review of applications
has begun.


Lead Research Programmer/Analyst
Scholarly Technology Group
Brown University

This is the lead technical position in an applied research, development,
and service group that is pioneering new tools and methodologies for the
application of advanced information technology to academic research,
publishing, and instruction. Principal responsibilities include
providing technical leadership, systems analysis, tool development, and
project management.

Requirements: Ability to provide innovative solutions to academic
research problems, based on knowledge of emerging information
technologies and research methodologies in academic disciplines. Expert
knowledge of most of the following: object-oriented programming,
client-server methodologies, advanced WWW technologies, relational or
object-oriented databases, SGML, multimedia data formats, information
retrieval, hypermedia systems, computer-supported cooperative work, and
research methods in the humanities and social sciences. Must be able to
conduct relevant applied research and development in at least one of the
preceding areas. Advanced degree and research or teaching experience in
an academic discipline preferred.

The Scholarly Technology Group, Computing and Information Services,
supports the development and use of advanced information technology in
academic research, teaching, and scholarly communication by exploring
new technologies and practices, developing specialized tools and
techniques, and providing consulting and project management services to
academic projects. STG focuses on four related areas: hypermedia
systems, SGML textbase development, interactive networked publishing,
and computer-supported cooperative work. Most STG projects are grant
funded. STG Director: Dr. Allen Renear; Lead Project Analyst: Elli

To apply send a cover letter and current c.v. to Human Resources, Box
1879/B00207, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912.

For further information contact:
Allen Renear, Director, Scholarly Technology Group
(401 863-7312 or Allen_Renear@Brown.Edu).

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