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[1] From: fwinter@neh.fed.us (77)
Subject: NEH Funding Opportunity

[2] From: DARWIN@iris.uncg.edu (5)
Subject: History of Science Society Web Server

[3] From: styler@cms.cc.wayne.edu (63)
Subject: *19th Century American Women Writers Web Update*

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 96 12:28:42 EST
From: fwinter@neh.fed.us
Subject: NEH Funding Opportunity

I am pleased to attach an announcement of the National Endowment
for the Humanities' new funding opportunity in Teaching with
Technology. As you will note, the initial deadline for this
funding opportunity is April 5, 1996. Please feel free to repost
this message. We are hoping to have this announcement disseminated
as widely as possible.

Frederick A. Winter
Teaching with Technology Special Opportunity
Division of Research & Education
National Endowment for the Humanities
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Room 302
Washington, DC 20506
(202) 606-8389/8380; fax: (202) 606-8394; fwinter@neh.fed.us


Teaching with Technology

** A National Endowment for the Humanities Special Opportunity **

NEH's Division of Research and Education Programs announces a
special, three-year opportunity for support of Teaching with
Technology projects designed to strengthen education in the
humanities in both schools and colleges by developing and using
today's rapidly evolving information technologies: including
digital audio, video and imaging, hypertext and hypermedia, video-
conferencing, speech processing, the Internet, and World Wide Web
sites. The Endowment seeks to increase the number and usefulness
of technological resources with rich, high-quality humanities
content; to improve the effectiveness of such resources by shaping
them around sophisticated, creative, and engaging approaches to
teaching and learning; and to increase greatly the number of
teachers who can integrate these humanities materials into their
daily teaching. Successful projects will be of national
significance and will extend the potential benefits of educational
technologies to a broad range of those studying history,
literature, languages, and the other humanities disciplines in
schools, colleges, and universities.

Any U.S., nonprofit, tax-exempt organization or institution
dedicated to improving humanities education is eligible to apply
for support through this program.

** Types of Projects **

At the Teaching with Technology deadlines, the Endowment seeks
proposals that address one or more of the following categories:

1) Materials Development: Projects that plan and design
interactive educational software with excellent humanities content.

2) Field Testing and Classroom Applications: Projects that design
and field-test innovative classroom uses of existing materials or
those being developed.

3) Teacher Preparation: Projects that enable school and college
teachers to integrate specific technologically innovative
humanities materials and approaches into their teaching; these may
be national summer institutes or collaborative projects among
teachers in the same or neighboring institutions.

Applicants are encouraged to be as creative as possible in
proposing uses of newer technologies and innovative strategies for
using information technology in humanities teaching.

** Deadlines for Receipt of Applications **

Initial Teaching with Technology deadline: April 5, 1996

Following the initial deadline, applications for Teaching with
Technology may be submitted against the following regular program

Humanities Focus Grants: Sep 16, 1996; Jan 15, 1997

Other Education Development & Demonstration Projects: Oct 1, 1996;
Oct 1, 1997

National Summer Institutes & Seminars: Mar 1, 1997; Mar 1, 1998

Guidelines and applications may be retrieved from the NEH World
Wide Web site:
http://www.neh.fed.us (under *Guidelines*)

For further information or to request guidelines and application
forms by surface mail:

Division of Research and Education, Room 302
National Endowment for the Humanities
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20506
(202) 606-8380; education@neh.fed.us

Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 22:09:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: DARWIN@iris.uncg.edu
Subject: History of Science Society Web Server

The History of Science Society has recently established a web server
that may be of interest to some Darwin-L members. The address is:


Bob O'Hara (darwin@iris.uncg.edu)

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 11:22:27 -0500
From: styler@cms.cc.wayne.edu
Subject: *19th Century American Women Writers Web Update*

The 19th Century American Women Writers Web (19CWWW) is a World Wide Web
site devoted to the study and appreciation of 19th Century American
culture, especially women writers of the period. The site is located at

What's new on the 19CWWW:

* The Mary Eliza Tucker Lambert page has been added to the 19CWWW e-text
library, a growing archive of digitized versions of women's poetry, fiction
and historical material. Lambert, who historians believe was of mixed
African-American and caucasian ancestry, edited the St. Matthew's Lyceum
Journal. The 19CWWW is pleased to present over 30 poems from Lambert.
(Special thanks to Janet Gray of Princeton for her donation and
digitization of these materials.)

* The multimedia exhibit of 19th Century Art from the Carnegie Museum is in
its last week! View highlights of the Museum's collection, listen to
real-time audio narration by the collection's curator, and register for the
chance to win hundreds of dollars of art-related computer software that
we'll be giving away at the end of the month.

* Learn details of our upcoming exhibit to commemorate Women's History
Month, an original Internet program about 19th century women and the labor
movement. Check out our description, a link for which is available under
the "what's new" banner on the opening page to the site.

Volunteers Needed!
Feel free to distrube the
following information to
your colleagues, students
and friends.

The 19CWWW is run by a group of volunteers who feel that bringing 19th
Century American Women's Studies to the web is a very important project.
Even though the site has won awards (including being ranked by independent
rating guides in the top 5% of all web sites and in the top 3% of all
sites, based on content, graphic design and overall experience), we'd like
to make the site even better.

If you think such a project is worthwhile, we'd love to have you join
us.The amount of time you devote to the 19CWWW can be up to you. We need
help in the following areas:

*Page editors. There is a huge amount of public-domain material that needs
to be put into electronic form. If 19th Century women's literature isn't
digitized, it may be left out of the emerging "digital cannon." Other
digitizing sites like Project Guttenberg and Wiretap aren't digitizing
these works. Someone has to. We need folks to be page editors for
particular authors *or* subjects (suffrage, abolition, temperance, labor)
and to lead the digitizing of materials.

*Links editors. While the 19CWWW appears to be the largest site devoted to
this subject, there are other sites on the web with materials to offer. If
you like to surf the web, scavenging in virtual corners for information,
why not put your talents to work for a good cause? Your mission would be to
search out information that you think would be interesting in furthering
the site's mission, "the study and appreciation" of women writers of the

*Grant writers. The 19CWWW is attempting to raise funds for various
projects, first among them is an attempt to digitize materials pertaining
to 19th Century African American women, something that is severely lacking
on the Internet at this time. I have a pile of perpspective grant
information--people are needed to query granting agencies and, if they fund
projects such as the 19CWWW, to write proposals.

Please contact me at editor@clever.net if you need more information on the
above or (especially!) if you'd like to help us in our efforts.

Tyler M. Steben
Editor, 19CWWW