9.573 correction: 19C Amer. women writers

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Thu, 22 Feb 1996 20:54:25 -0500 (EST)

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[1] From: "Tyler M. Steben" <styler@cms.cc.wayne.edu> (22)
Subject: 19CWWW Correction

In the recent update sent to this list, I stated that the major text
digitizing organizations such as Project Gutenberg were not working on
texts by 19th Century American women writers. This is, of course, not
correct. The 19CWWW site has links to several such works that Gutenberg has

The reason for the inadvertant error is that, in preparing the 19CWWW
update, I drew upon several different recent documents that the 19CWWW uses
to communicate its activities to various audiences. The comment was taken
out of context by me and inserted improperly into the update.

The source of the comment, and what I do feel is a legitimate concern, is
that *African American* 19th Century women's writing is not getting
digitized by the larger digitization projects or by anyone else that I have

I'm grateful to Judy Boss, who has devoted a good deal of her time to
digitizing 19th Century women's writing, for bringing this to my attention,
and I'm very gratified that both she and Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg
in notes to me have expressed a willingness to consider digitizing
African-American women's writing from the period.

It's nice to know that mistakes can occaisonally provide opportunities
(what my grandmother used to call making lemon-aide out of lemons).

Please pardon the error,

Tyler Steben
19CWWW Editor