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[1] From: Laurie Dickinson <dicki007@gold.tc.umn.edu> (20)
Subject: Frames in HTML

I am writing in part in response to Gary W. Shawver's discussion of frames.
While frames do make it possible to do some nice things with page setup,
for example, allowing the user/reader access to an index or table of
contents at all times, rather than just at the top (or bottom) of the
document, I've found the loss of the memory of the navigational path very
troubling. In using frames, whenever you reload your page you are
presented with the page at its initial status. That is, any choices you
have made in navigation have been lost. If you click on the "back" button,
you are brought to the page you had visited before entering the frame.
Since much of the power of the hypertextual organization results from the
abililty to move forward and trace your steps back incrementally, all the
time retaining a sense of "where you are," the loss of this ability when
using frames is very troubling. Does anyone know how to get around this or
will I have to wait for HTML scripting to mature?

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