9.584 job posting: Director, Index of Chr. Art

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Mon, 26 Feb 1996 18:50:48 -0500 (EST)

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 9, No. 584.
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[1] From: Pamela Cohen <pac@rci.rutgers.edu> (55)
Subject: Index job listing

The following is being posted by the Center for Electronic Texts in the
Humanities, on behalf of the ICA Search Committee.

>>Position Available:
>>Director of the Index of Christian Art at Princeton
>>PRINCETON UNIVERSITY seeks a new Director for the Index of
>>Christian Art. At present the Index is deeply involved in a
>>major project of computerizing its large corpus of catalogued
>>information, and this effort will remain the first priority
>>for the foreseeable future. The principal requirements of
>>the Director at the present moment of the Index's history are
>>the following: *expertise in the application of computer
>>technology in the humanities and the technical competence and
>>experience to continue, review, supervise and update the
>>process of computerization currently underway in the Index,
>>and to advance the work of the Index within the larger
>>context of the burgeoning interest in electronic resources in
>>the humanities on the Princeton campus and elsewhere; *the
>>scholarly training or experience to understand and direct the
>>work of the professional art historians who are members of
>>the Index staff, and to work with them on collaborative
>>projects. A Ph.D. in some field of Medieval Studies is
>>preferred; *personal leadership and administrative skills
>>needed to work effectively with a staff of professional
>>scholars and with the university's computer professionals.
>>In particular the Director should be able to take the lead in
>>establishing common staff goals, in creating a smoothly
>>functioning unit, and in fostering staff professional
>>development; *vision and the ambition to work to realize
>>through computerization the Index's potential as a unique
>>resource for medieval studies. Salary open depending on
>>qualifications and experience. Full job description
>>available upon request. Deadline for receipt of
>>applications/nominations is March 15, 1996. The new Director
>>should be in place by September 1. Princeton is an EO/AA
>>employer. Address Prof. John V. Fleming, Chair of the ICA
>>Search Committee, c/o Program in Medieval Studies, 313A East
>>Pyne, Princeton, New Jersey 08544 (jfleming@princeton.edu)
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