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[1] From: hockey@rci.rutgers.edu (51)
Subject: Meta Access and cataloging electronic resources

The ALCTS division of the American Library Association has recently
set up a Task Force to look at aspects of bibliographic and meta access
in the electronic environment. The Task Force has ten members including

The Task Force has put out this general call for information. Please
respond to Magda El-Sherbini, not to me.

Susan Hockey

>This message is being sent to several Listservs with a request for responses.
> One of the assignments of the ALCTS Task Force to Define Bibliographic
> Access in the Electronic Environment is to recommend acceptable
> alternatives to traditional methods of cataloging.
> In order to get a more complete picture of the current state of cataloging
> practices, we would like to investigate the existence of any innovative
> approaches to provide bibliographic access to and control of electronic
> resources which are significantly different from standard cataloging.
> For example, we would like to investigate the use of SGML, TEI headers,
> and others in mapping MARC records. We would also like to know if there are
> non-traditional subject heading and classification tools in use.
> If you are conducting a relevant project, please provide the following
> information:
> 1. When did the project start?
> 2. How many records have you done?
> 3. Are you using any specific software?
> 4. Does the project concentrate on one type of materials only?
> 5. Are there any written descriptions or documentation, on the web
> or in print?
> Please send your email responses to melsher@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu by
> March 20. Your assistance will enable the Task Force to complete the
> project at hand.
> Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to our query.
>Magda El-Sherbini
>Head, Cataloging Department
>Ohio State University Libraries
>voice: 614-292-1963

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