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[1] From: "Eric S. Rabkin" <esrabkin@umich.edu> (27)
Subject: Web Site Review

A student with whom I work closely wants to establish a network of
scholars to help make specific humanities resources more useful. He has
asked me to post the following call for participation. I thank you for
considering it.

Eric S. Rabkin            313-764-2553 (Office)
Dept of English           313-764-6330 (Dept)
Univ of Michigan          313-763-3128 (Fax)
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1045   esrabkin@umich.edu

--Call for Participation--

As part of an independent graduate course exploring the use of the World Wide Web as a research tool, I am trying to establish a network of subject-specific scholars who are able to contribute very modest amounts of time to enable the creation of a reliable research Web site for all those interested in the serious study of Fantasy and Science Fiction. If you are willing to consider participating, or if you simply want to know more, please E-mail your inquiry to me (ryandhoz@umich.edu) by March 11.

Many thanks, Ryan Garcia

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