9.615 masks & masquerade

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Subject: Re: 9.590 masks & masquerade in 17-19C Italy?

Re Brenda Danet's query on masks and masquerade in 17th-19th century
Italy: Although she asked for mail to be sent directly to her,
I thought it would be a good idea, at the same time, to let
others on Humanist know about a new discussion group called
"Lettere italiane", administered by Emilio Speciale.
The e-mail address: Speciale@ital.huwi.ethz.ch
It seems to be directed largely at the Romance Languages and mainly
at Italian Studies (Italianistica). It has info on new research
topics, bibliographic material, available funding, conferences,
academic posts, etc. I'm sure someone on this list will be able to
assist Brenda.
Thanks for the wonderful and exciting work, Willard

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