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[1] From: Casey Palowitch <casey@phoenix.Princeton.EDU> (25)
Subject: JOB OPENINGS: Information Access Specialists,
Princeton University

The Office of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) at
Princeton University seeks two (2) individuals to work on the JSTOR project,
an effort to provide online, Web-based access to legacy journal collections.
Both positions will report to the Manager of Information Access (IA).
Information on JSTOR is available at:


Responsibilities: The specialists' prime responsbilities will be to enhance
the current JSTOR offerings and to assist in the replication of the JSTOR
database at Princeton. Areas of development include: enhanced searching;
enhanced user interface; performance enhancements; database replication
and database management. In addition, the specialists will assist the
Information Access group (IA) to develop and enhance Princeton's World
Wide Web offerings.

Qualifications: B.A, B.S. or extensive compensatory experience is
required. The successful candidate must have experience dealing with
textual material in electronic form, as well as computer graphics files and
formats. An in-depth knowledge of the Internet and the server and client
applications that make up the World Wide Web is required. Knowledge and
programming expertise on Unix, PC or Mac platforms is highly desirable.
Experience with OCR is desirable.

Application deadline : April 15. Applicants should send a resume and
letter of application (if possible, including a pointer to a URL that
illustrates the candidate's work with HTML and electronic text) to:

Bruce Finnie (finnie@Princeton.EDU), Computing & Information Technology,
87 Prospect Ave., Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544. Phone:
(609)258-3068. FAX: (609)258-3943.