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[1] From: Michael Hancher <mh@maroon.tc.umn.edu> (20)
Subject: electronic text: selective annotated bibliography and
related documents

Subscribers to Humanist might be interested in the following Web
sites relevant to electronic text. They were created for a
graduate seminar, English 8710, Studies in Criticism: Electronic
Text; University of Minnesota, spring 1995.

Seminar prospectus:

Electronic Text: Selective Annotated Bibliography:
A collaborative student project, describing more than a
hundred works, on paper and on line, that discuss the nature
of electronic text.

Seminar papers:
Paper titles, some abstracts, and one full text (see below).

Jean Jacobson, "Some Considerations for the Use of Lists as
Hypertextual Devices on HTML WWW Pages":
In this hypertextual document Jacobson reviews the
rhetorical history of different kinds of lists (index lists,
alphabetic lists, bulleted lists) and their suitability for
use in the World Wide Web environment.