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[1] From: Charles Ess (61)
Subject: book announcement

I'm pleased to call your attention to the following publication...

Table of Contents: _Philosophical Perspectives on Computer-Mediated
Communication_ (SUNY Press, 1996)

Introduction: "Thoughts along the I-Way: Philosophy and the
Emergence of CMC,"...Charles Ess

Epistemology and Semiotics
1) "Discourse Across Links"...David Kolb (Bates College)
2) "Mediated Phosphor Dots: Toward Post-Cartesian Model of CMC
via the Semiotic Superhighway"...Gary Shank (Northern Illinois
University) and Donald J. Cunningham (Indiana University)

Ethical and Political Dimensions
3) "Privacy, Respect for Persons, and Risk"...Dag Elgesem
(University of Oslo)
4) "Pseudonyms, MailBots, and Virtual Letterheads: The Evolution
of Computer Mediated Ethics"...Peter Danielson (University of
British Columbia)
5) "Intellectual Property Futures: The Paper Club and the Digital
Commons"... John Lawrence (Morningside College)
6) "Posting in a Different Voice: Gender and Ethics in Computer-
Mediated Communication"...Susan Herring (University of Texas at
7) "'This is not our fathers' pornography':Sex, Lies, and
Computers"... Carol Adams
8) "Power Online: A Post-Structuralist Perspective on
CMC"...Sunny Yoon (Sung Kyun Kwan University, Seoul, Korea)
9) "The Political Computer: A Habermasian Framework for
Democratization via CMC"...Charles Ess (Drury College)

Impacts and Implications for Religious Authority, Communities,
and Beliefs
10) "Sacred Text in the Sea of Texts: The Bible in North
American Electronic Culture"... Phil Mullins (Missouri Western
State College)
11 ) "The Unknown God of the Internet: Religious Communication
from the Ancient Agora to the Virtual Forum"...Stephen D. O'Leary
(University of Southern California) and Brenda E. Brasher (Thiel

Ordering information:
orders from individuals must be prepaid. New York State residents,
add 8% sales tax. Canadian residents, add GST.
Postage and handling: Domestic and Canada, add $3 for first copy,
$.50 each additional copy. Foreign: add $4 (US) for first copy,
$1 each additional copy.

State University of New York Press
c/o CUP Services
P.O. Box 6525
Ithaca, NY 14851
607-277-2211 (customer service)
800-688-2877 (FAX)

Ess, Philosophical Perspectives on Computer-Mediated Communication
__ $19.95 pb (ISBN 0-7914-2872-9)
__ $59.50 hc (ISBN 0-7914-2871-0)

I look forward to any comments or suggestions HUMANISTS may have once
you have had a chance to look it over.
Cheers and best wishes,
Charles Ess