9.671 Chr. humanism? job description?

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Mon, 1 Apr 1996 19:28:05 -0500 (EST)

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[1] From: Mee-jin Ahn <m-ahn2@students.uiuc.edu> (12)
Subject: christian humanism

[2] From: Nelson Hilton <nhilton@parallel.park.uga.edu> (16)
From: "H-CLC (BD)" <bdiederi@artsci.wustl.edu>
Subject: Position description?

Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 16:47:06 -0600 (CST)
From: Mee-jin Ahn <m-ahn2@students.uiuc.edu>
Subject: christian humanism

Hello, all,

This might not be a proper question, but I am wondering who used (or
coined) the term "Christian humanism" for the first time. I am working on
my dissertation about the "Christian humanism" in Renaissance England. I
think the term is too vague and unhistorical to account for the specific
historical situations of the time. I realized that there are many books
about Humanism, but not much that deals with "Christian humanism" as such.
Is there anybody who has some ideas about this? Many thanks in advance.

Best Wishes,

Kyong Hahn Kim
Ph.D. Candidate
English Literature
U of Oklahoma at Norman

Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 12:55:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Nelson Hilton <nhilton@parallel.park.uga.edu>

Colleagues, Some of us at the University of Georgia Department of English
hope to convince the rest of the desireability of hiring an "academic
professional" to manage our expanding network and to teach one or two
courses related to "computer mediated communication" or "computers in
literary studies". We've been challenged to write a job description for
such a position. If any readers have experienced a similar hiring and
have language regarding the position which we could study or adapt, or
just suggestions or thoughts, I would be grateful for your public or
private response. I wonder too, what thoughts the list might have about
such a position generally--is there a market to support it? Is it the
kind of thing that "traditional" departments of literature should (/will
/must) be moving toward? Our position would expect an advanced degree in
literature and probably start at around $38,000.

Thanks! Nelson

Nelson Hilton -=- English -=- University of Georgia -=- Athens
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