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Subject: Beyond the Classroom Call



A One-Day Colloquium
Organised by the Humanities Computing Unit, University of Oxford

1 May 1996,
Habbakuk Room, Jesus College, Oxford

Can Information Technology really help us to extend teaching and
learning beyond the classroom? What are the practical and pedagogic
implications of the Virtual Seminar? What modes of learning will be
expected by the next generation of students?

Following on from last year's 'Beyond the Book' this one-day colloquium will
address these and similar questions. Our aim is to bring together both
practitioners and visionaries in an attempt to tackle both the practical and
the theoretical implications of using IT to extend teaching and learning beyond
the walls of the classroom. Digital technologies are already being
enthusiastically applied in such areas as distance learning and lifelong
learning, for which they seem to offer unique advantages and opportunities.
However, the pedagogical implications of this rush to "be digital" may be as
rarely discussed as the practical problems which IT may present.

Speakers on the day will include:

Sally Tweddle (formerly NCET, now University of Birmingham)

Des O'Brien (Dept. of English Literature and the STELLA project,
University of Glasgow)

Paul Bacsich (Knowledge Media Institute, Open University)

Richard Millwood (ULTRALAB Project, Anglia Polytechnic University).

The day will consist of formal presentations, with ample time for discussion,
which we hope will be lively and stimulating.

Cost: The day will cost #35.00 for academics, #100.00 for non-academics. This
includes tea and coffee, but lunch will not be provided. Please book early as
spaces are limited. [A small number of free places will be available for
members of Oxford University]. Cheques should be made payable to 'Oxford
University Computing Services' and sent to the organisors below.

For more details please contact:

Stuart Lee
(Stuart.Lee@oucs.ox.ac.uk; tel: 01865-283403)


Paul Groves
(Paul.Groves@oucs.ox.ac.uk; tel: 01865-273226)

FAX: 01865-273221.

Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road