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[1] From: Rebecca Finch <finch@pine.ling.upenn.edu> (23)
Subject: Job Opportunity-Linguistic Data Consortium

The Linguistic Data Consortium, a nonprofit organization that is part
of the University of Pennsylvania, assembles and redistributes a
wide range of databases for purposes of linguistic research.

We are looking for someone with programming experience to assist our
senior programmer in the preparation and publication of multilingual
text databases for use by researchers. Duties will include, but not
be limited to, quality assessment of text data received from various
sources; analysis and description of their formats; defintion and
creation (or adaptation) of software tools to filter and condition
text data to a uniform format and level of quality; maintainence of
processed text collections for publication on CD-ROM or the World
Wide Web.

This person should possess a BA/BS in computer science or equivalent;
one to two years of programming and systems experience; familiarity
with the UNIX operating system and utilities; X Window user interface, EMACS and programming languages used in text manipulation
(C, AWK and Perl); candidates with data stream processing experience
desired. Must possess valid U.S. working papers. Salary range

For more information, contact David Graff at
graff@unagi.cis.upenn.edu; phone (215) 898-0887.

Rebecca Finch | Linguistic Data Consortium
Director, Text Resource Development | 441 Williams Hall
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