9.681 venue for pedagogical meditations?

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[1] From: CHUCK TAYLOR <ctaylor@nova.wright.edu> (21)
Subject: Advice Request

I am close to completing an essay tentatively entitled "Holzwege and
Feldwege in Cyberwald: Using Computers in Humanities Teaching". The
essay includes descriptions of and a series of reflections on my use of
computers in the classroom in multimedia lectures (which I have been doing
regularly since 1991) and on my use of e-mail as a virtual office and
newsgroups as virtual classrooms (which I have been using for the past
two years). The purpose of the essay is to contribute to the on-going
dialogue about using computers in the classroom itself and in
out-of-classroom teaching. One who suspects a Heideggerian tone from my
title is not being misled.

I would appreciate suggestions from Humanist readers about journals which
might welcome this kind of meditation about teaching.

Since replies to this request may not be of interest to the entire
seminar I suggest sending e-mail replies directly to me at:


Charles S. Taylor
Director, Master of Humanities Program
Professor of Philosophy
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435