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[1] From: kuehn <kuehn@sage.cc.purdue.edu> (48)
Subject: Program, Study Group of the North American Kant


Spring Meeting at
APRIL 13-14, 1996


Saturday, April 13:

1:00 Adrian M. S. Piper (Wellesley College) "Rationality and the
Structure of the Self: The Two Standpoints on Action"

2:30 Felicitas Munzel (University of Notre Dame) "Perpetual/Eternal
Peace: Reason, Ideas and the Pedagogical Function of the
Republican Constitution"

4:00 Hoke Robinson (University of Memphis) "Alles Folgen ist Erfolgen:
Schopenhauer's Objection to Kant's Second Analogy"

5:30 Business meeting and reception

Sunday, April 14

9:30 Udo Thiel (Australian National University, Canberra/Harvard
University) "Between Wolff and Kant: Merian's Theory of

11:00 Brigitte Sassen (University of Prince Edward Island, Canada)
"'Determinability'--Kant and 'Things Outside of Us'"

The goal of the Midwest Study Group of the North American Kant Society is
to advance the discussion of Kant and to promote interaction among Kant

The meeting will take place at the Loyola University Chicago Lake Shore
Campus at 6525 North Sheridan Road, Chicago IL 60626-5385. The Saturday
sessions will be in Room 334 Crown Center (the Crown Center is at the Lake,
on the North end of Lake Shore Campus, right behind Cudahy Library). The
Sunday meetings will be in the Hussey Lounge, Damen Hall, 10th Floor.
(Damen Hall is one of the highest buildings near the Lake, right at the
South entrance of Lake Shore Campus. Hussey Lounge is on the top floor, at
the East (Lake) side of the building).

Lodging near the University (15 minutes by the "Elevated") is available
at the
Holiday Inn
1501 Sherman Ave Evanston.
Reservation Department: The Midwest Study Group of NAKS
Phone 1-800-382-6786
Fax 1-847-328-3090

For further information contact Hans Seigfried, Dept. of Philosophy, Loyola
University Chicago, Chicago IL 60626 (hseigfr@orion.it.luc.edu), phone
312-508-2300; or Manfred Kuehn, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN 47907
(Kuehn@sage.cc.purdue.edu), phone 317-494-4286.

Manfred Kuehn Internet: kuehn@sage.cc.purdue.edu
Department of Philosophy Bitnet: KUEHN@VM.CC.PURDUE.EDU
Purdue University CompuServe: 76217,1032
West Lafayette IN 47907 Phone: 317-494-4286