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[1] From: Ann DeVito <devito@cs.usask.ca> (63)
Subject: Conference on the ancient stage

(I am forwarding this conference announcement to Humanist on behalf of John
Porter, of the Classics Dept. at the University of Saskatchewan. Please
forward any correspondence regarding the conference to Dr. Porter at

"Crossing the Stages: The Production, Performance and
Reception of Ancient Theater"

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

23-26 October, 1997

The conference will address issues related to the
performance and reception of Greek and Roman plays in both
ancient and modern times. In addition to paper sessions, there
will be one or more workshops on the performance of ancient
plays and (it is hoped) a local production (play yet to be

Papers and proposals are sought in the following areas:

The Archaeology of the Ancient Stage: Literary and
Archaeological Evidence Relating to Ancient Theatrical
The Conventions and Costumes of the Ancient Stage:
Analytical and Comparative Studies
Ancient Drama as a Mode of Social, Cultural, and
Political Discourse
Cult, Religion, and Ritual Practices in Greek and Roman
Spectatorship and Classical Drama: Audience and
Reception (ancient and/or modern)
The "Translation" of Ancient Drama: Greek and Roman
Plays in Later Cultural Contexts
Modern Productions of Ancient Plays: Issues and
Ancient Greek and Roman Plays on Film
Workshops on the Translation and Performance of
Ancient Plays

Keynote Speakers:
Niall W. Slater Peter Meineck
Emory University Aquila Productions

Deadline for Submissions:
1 October 1996

Submissions should be no more than 800 words in length and can be in
electronic or printed form. Please send them to Professor John
Porter at the address below.

Graduate students are encouraged to apply.

Conference Organizers:

John Porter, University of Saskatchewan
Eric Csapo, University of Toronto
Christopher Marshall, University of Trent

For more information, please contact:

Professor John Porter
Department of Classics
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK

Phone: (306) 966-4781
Fax: (306) 966-8839
E-mail: porterj@duke.usask.ca

or visit the conference's WWW site at: