9.721 electronic books: Milton

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[1] From: Lou Burnard <lou@vax.ox.ac.uk> (24)
Subject: Electronic Milton

Don't know about Milton-L (I think Roy Flannagan is in touch with it though),
but I'm happy to announce that the Oxford Text Archive will shortly be
making available electronic versions of all the original editions of Milton's
poetry in a standard TEI Lite encoded form. This project has been running
(crawling more like) for an embarassingly long period, but is now approaching
completion. Specifically, we will be distributing:
* Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes (1673)
* Paradise Lost in 12 books (1671)
* Paradise Lost in 10 books (1667)
Poems (1673)
+ Poems (1645)
* Comus (1637)
+ Comus (Bridgwater Ms)
+ Trinity ms

where * means "ready now"; + means "nearly ready now"; blank means "not as
ready as it should be".

All of the texts have been checked against facsimile editions of the originals
by recognised experts in the field (tips of the hat are long ovberdue to Roy
Flannagan at Ohio, Tom Corns at Bangor, Jack Gray at Waterloo and Ray Shoaf at
Florida for their help in the project) but I am the guilty party as far as the
TEI encoding is concerned.

Lou Burnard