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[1] From: tomdill@womenscol.stephens.edu (10)
Subject: Johnson translation

The Horatian ode translated by Samuel Johnson is from Horace's
Carmina II.14 ("Eheu, fugaces, Postume, Postume")--one of the
most popular of Horace's odes for imitation/adaptation.
Johnson's translation is on page 11 of the David Nichol Smith/
E.L. McAdam edition, which may not be helpful since that book
is copyrighted. However, the editors provide ample publication
history, including the reference to Boswell's ahving printed an
excerpt as evidence of Johnson's literary skills (and handwriting)
at the age of 16. (Not surprising--my first reaction was that
the poem was not nearly good enough to be Johnson's, but of
course it is juvenilia.) Hope this helps. Tom Dillingham