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[1] From: Lenoble Michel <lenoblem@ERE.UMontreal.CA> (42)
Subject: Interactive Fiction Enthusiasts

In Chum 29, 389-407, in his Review Essay "Understanding (hyper)media:
Required Readings", Allen Renear deplores (p. 390) the fact that
"few ACH/ALLC members are prominent in these discussions of the
new technologies and [that] ACH/ALLC conferences generally have
only a very modest participation on these topics. Nicely
exhibiting this indifference was the almost complete absence of
any interactive fiction - practice or theory - at the 1994
ACH/ALLC conference in Paris. (The interactive fiction
enthousiasts showed up anyway and held their own successful
"para-conference" at Jussieu.)"

We indeed were responsible for both the Jussieu conference and
the sole session on the subject at the ALLC/ACH conference in
Paris. Given the fact that we were only granted a 2-hour session
on the friday afternoon at the end of the conference, we "anyway"
decided to organize the Jussieu event on the subject of "Computer
Literature and Computer Generated Literature. More than 35
speakers from 11 countries and 3 continents gave papers and a few
hunderd people attended.

We are now happy to announce, for those who want to read more
about the subject, that we have now published a book with the
papers given at both events, plus several original articles
contributed by specialists in the field.

TITRE: "Litterature et informatique: La litterature
generee par ordinateur",
AUTEURS: Alain Vuillemin et Michel Lenoble (dirs),
EDITEUR: Arras: Artois Presses Universite,
COLLECTION: "Etudes Litteraires",
DATE: 1995,
COTE: ISBN 2-910663-02-7.

Table of contents and ordering informations are available on


Michel Lenoble

Tel.: (514) 288-3916
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