9.744 First Delphic Hymn (Reinach)?

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[1] From: Paul Brians <brians@wsu.edu> (16)
Subject: First publication of the First Delphic Hymn

I am seeking help in identifying in which issue and on what pages the
"First Delphic Hymn" (attr. Limenios) was published by Theodor Reinach with
notes by Henri Well in the _Bulletin de Correspondance Hellenique._
According to the information I have, it appeared in 1893, but our library's
files don't go back that far.

This is an inscription found at Delphi (and still displayed at the museum
there) with early music notation. A recording is available on the album
"Music of Ancient Greece" (Orata ORANGM 2013), and it is from the notes to
that album that I have derived the above information.

One of my colleagues has translated the hymn and we are seeking to publish
it, but our publisher is insisting on a precise citation for the original
Greek text to prove that it is in the public domain.

A photocopy would be nice, but a simple citation will be adequate. Thanks.

Paul Brians, Department of English,Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-5020