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[1] From: BERNARD HIBBITTS <HIBBITTS@law.pitt.edu> (21)
Subject: Electronic Publishing

HUMANISTs interested in electronic publishing and curious about its
potential impact on legal scholarship (most of which is currently
disseminated in student-edited, non-peer reviewed "law reviews") are
invited to take a look at "Last Writes? Re-assessing the Law Review in
the Age of Cyberspace", accessible on the Web at:


The article is already causing something of a stir in legal circles: a print
version is scheduled for publication in the June issue of the New York
University Law Review, and the Akron (Ohio) Law Review is putting
together a special "symposium issue" made up of comments from legal
experts from across the US.

As the author of the article, I'd greatly appreciate reaction from
HUMANIST listmembers who have experience with electronic publishing
projects in other disciplines and/or who are otherwise interested in the
prospects and problems of on-line scholarship.

Many thanks.

Bernard J. Hibbitts
Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh
School of Law