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[1] From: Matthew Gary Kirschenbaum (37)
Subject: NEW: electronic thesis/diss site

This is to announce a new web site I have developed for on-line
references and resources related to electronic masters theses
and doctoral dissertations (ETDs) in the humanities, including a
directory of such work currently in progress:


If you are a graduate student now at work on an ETD, please
stop by and fill out a short form describing your project
(available off of the "currently in progress" page). The
information you provide will be added to the site's on-line ETD
directory, which I hope will serve as a resource for other
graduate students who are in the process of seeking approval
for such work.

I'd also like to hear from anyone who might have other
suggestions as to the content or potential uses of this site. I
envision it as a sort of clearing-house for ETD materials,
including pointers to on-line initiatives and guidelines,
publications, services, archived mailing-list discussions, and
other relevant humanities computing materials. Some of the
pages are stretched a bit thin, as ETDs have not attracted as
much attention as other forms of scholarly electronic
publishing; if you know of any ETD resources that I have not
included, please tell me about them; also, please check back from
time to time as the site expands.

Potential audiences include not only graduate students but also
faculty who want to make informed decisions about supervising
an ETD, as well as librarians, administrators, and publishers.
I have tentative plans to innaugerate a mailing list devoted to
this topic as well.

Please forward this announcement as seems appropriate, and
please excuse cross-postings.

Special thanks to the University of Virginia Library's On-Line
Scholarship Initiative and Special Collections Deptartment for
providing server space. Comments should be sent to me at the
address below.

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum University of Virginia
mgk3k@virginia.edu Department of English
http://faraday.clas.virginia.edu/~mgk3k Electronic Text Center