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[1] From: Vince Weatherill <vincew@cse.ogi.edu> (41)
Subject: HLT Survey on the WWW

A book entitled "Survey of the State of the Art of Human Language Technology"
is now available at http://www.cse.ogi.edu/CSLU/HLTsurvey/ .

The survey consists of articles by 97 authors in the following

1. Spoken Language Input
2. Written Language Input
3. Language Analysis and Understanding
4. Language Generation
5. Spoken Output Technologies
6. Discourse and Dialogue
7. Document Processing
8. Multilinguality
9. Multimodality
10. Transmission and Storage
11. Mathematical Methods
12. Language Resources
13. Evaluation

Within a few months, the Survey will be published as a book by
Giardini Publishers in Italy and by Cambridge University Press
elsewhere. The electronic version of the Survey will remain on-line,
but will be modified slightly based on copy-editing by the publishers.

The Survey was funded by the National Science Foundation and the
European Commission, with additional support provided by the Center
for Spoken Language Understanding at the Oregon Graduate Institute and
the University of Pisa.


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