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[1] From: Todd Blayone <tblayone@peinet.pe.ca> (25)
Subject: Optimism, etc.

I thank Willard for taking the time to paraphrase my objections regarding
his optimistic "call to arms." (I appreciated the quote from Pelikan.)

One of my original questions, however, escaped his paraphrase. With regard
to assessing the impact of humanities-computing in generating new employment
opportunities, I wondered if conflating the American and Canadian situations
might conceal as much as it reveals. I've had numerous interviews for
professional and professional-academic, humanities-computing positions in
the States, but where are the positions in Canada? I *sense* that despite
the "supranationalism" that "global" networking perpetuates (and, to a large
degree, precipitates) we (i.e. Canadians) should not be too quick to
conflate the Canadian and American situations in offering an overall
assessment of the impact of humanities-computing.

I may be way out in left field on this one, but I would appreciate comments
and comparisons between the two situations.

BTW, where can one go to find "solid data" with which to assess the impact
that humanities-computing has had on North American universities?



P.S. I apologize for focussing on North American issues in an international


Todd Blayone - tblayone@peinet.pe.ca
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